Angela & Tim



It is difficult to describe the value of a good photographer until you have one. The moments captured allow you to remember the feelings that were felt and these feelings, on your wedding day, are the best feelings in the world. They are feelings of marrying the person you fell in love with and have traveled with and grown with. They are the moments of your vows that you spent months writing and of your thoughts before the wedding. They are the interactions during the celebration of you making the biggest decision of your life and the first kiss after that happens.
During the family photos Kelly was efficient, clear, and kind. She had a way of moving people to make the best pictures, without taking away the beauty, freedom and fun of the day. In the couple’s session, she was private. She made sure that the subject and the way of taking the photos changed and reflected the way Tim and I interact. The best thing about Kelly is that she can take the love that you have for each other and make art out of it. It is so important that you have a photographer who knows what beautiful things are and can capture them….Kelly is someone who can do that.