The Top 5 Reasons to Elope!

May 29


Elopements are becoming more trendy – and they are not for everyone – but for some couples they are truly the best way to get married. I want to share 5 reasons to elope and how that may be the best fit for your wedding experience! 

1. Authenticity 

The 1st out of 5 reasons to elope is authenticity. For many couples when they reflect on the reason they are getting married and they realize they don’t connect with the idea of a big wedding and all that it entails  – it just doesn’t feel like them.  And for others – a big celebration is exactly the experience they are hoping for!  Both experiences can be beautiful! People are different and there should be the option to have different wedding experiences that feel authentic to each couple. Planning a big wedding involves a lot of factors and decisions, and if i’m honest – couples have to learn to navigate a lot of others’ opinions.


When talking with my couples (regardless of their wedding experience ) I always advise them to remember that their wedding day should be a reflection of the couple and to try and shape an experience that feels true to them.  I think for many couples who don’t identify with the big wedding dream – planning an elopement gives couples the freedom to craft an experience that feels authentic to their story and I love seeing couples truly in their element on their wedding day!


Small weddings and Elopements can bring the focus back to the couple in a very sweet and intimate way and I love that!

2.  Zero Limits!

Who needs rules? My 2nd out of 5 reasons to Elope is that there are no limits!


Want to exchange your vows looking out at Mt Rainier, next to a waterfall, in a wild meadow, or on a beautiful beach? Let’s do it!  Do you want your wedding day to include things you love to do as a couple? Hiking, horseback riding, picnics, a private wine tasting, the options are endless!  Small weddings and Elopements – are easier to navigate because you have less people so you can choose a destination for your wedding experience that truly excites you!!


And there are no rules!  If you want 15 of your closest family and friends to join you on this beautiful adventure – let’s do it!  If you want the experience to be just the two of you – more intimate and private – that’s perfect!  Do you want a private ceremony watching the sunrise over the mountains, but then celebrate with 20 friends at a private catered dinner that evening – that works too!  I love solving problems, brainstorming ideas, and encouraging couples to dream big when they envision this beautiful day! Remember – zero limits! 


3. Stress + Anxiety Free

Planning a big wedding can be stressful. Sometimes that stress can even dampen the excitement and joy of the season.  You found your person – to spend the rest of your life with – this is the time to celebrate!!  If you have felt overwhelmed as you envision your big wedding and the idea of celebrating with over 100 people doesn’t excite you but causes anxiety – then I would say that a bigger wedding may not be the best fit.  I want to encourage couples to explore options that feel right for them! For some couples, the stress can really take away from the joy and can cause strain on relationships.  Give yourself permission to explore a wedding experience that feels stress free and true to your relationship.


4. Finances

Small weddings and Elopements are unique experiences and are definitely something to invest in because it’s your wedding day – but simply due to the fact that you are planning for less people – Elopements and intimate weddings are less expensive. So you can create a custom unique experience and save money! 


5.   Kick off your marriage with an elopement adventure!


Imagine the most amazing adventure with your partner …picture it.

Where would you go?

Who would be there?

How would you celebrate? 

Paint a picture. Now imagine that experience is your wedding day – the day you commit your life to your partner.  Sounds pretty magical, right? 
Your marriage is worth an experience that’s authentic to you and your relationship.  Your marriage is worth crafting a dream experience, an adventure that gives you time to spend together, to reflect, to focus on the commitments you made in a setting that sets your heart on fire! 


Do you have additional reasons I should add to this list? I want to hear them! Comment below which reason identifies with you or any additional reasons you think couples should elope.

If after reading about 5 reasons to Elope and you feel this is the exact experience you hope for your own wedding day – I’d love to help you craft your wedding day dreams! Contact me to schedule a free consult! 

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