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Happy Anniversary Coulter & Peter!!


A year ago today on 9.15.12,  Coulter and Peter tied the knot at the Boulder Country Club and celebrated their love with their family and friends.

In honor of their anniversary, I asked them to choose their favorite wedding photo and express why it is meaningful to them.

They choose this photo above.  I remember that sweet moment so vividly!

Here are Coulter’s words on why they choose this image.

“The reason it’s my favorite is not only for the quality of the picture but also because of the emotional energy exchange that is taking place between Peter, me, and you.  Other than the ceremony officiant or each other, this is the only time I would think that we were both looking directly at the same person/focal point during the wedding.  And because we are still riding the attitudes and good feelings generated during the wedding ceremony, I think this is a good exhibit of how we were both feeling after exchanging our love for each other in front of family and friends.  Although photographs are meant to capture memories, I think a true photograph is one that captures the emotive elements of any one moment in time.  This is a perfect example.  There is so much emotion shared here.  We are both smiling at the camera in our own ways.  We are holding hands tightly.  We are standing side-by-side and we are walking forward.  Another thing that’s special is that this moment is a special moment shared with you, the photographer.  I know from looking at the expressions on our faces that we are both reacting to seeing you.  The facial expressions you see are undoubtedly the product of the good rapport we established with you and the feelings we have for you as one who knew us before and now during the wedding.  It clearly captures in print a private moment shared between us three.

 In addition to the quality of the subject matter of this photo, I also think it shows the beautiful elements of our wedding that truly made it ours — the boutonniere, the bouquet, the flowers alongside the chairs, the Aspen leaves spread down the aisle, the pocket squares — everything!  Then the “traditional” elements of my dress are exhibited — the horseshoe pin, the handkerchief, the bracelets, the earrings….all things that belonged to different people that I wore in their honor.  It’s just an incredibly beautiful picture.”
Thank you for sharing so openly! Coulter & Peter – I have absolutely loved building a friendship with you and it was such a blessing to be a part of your day!
I hope it’s a wonderful celebration!! I cannot wait to deliver your wedding album, documenting the story of your day, tomorrow!  Happy Anniversary!

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  1. so pretty!!!! i love that spread with the wide shot!

  2. Jessica Wood says:

    What a sweet way to celebrate their one year <3 Congrats to them and beautiful photo!

  3. What a touching thorough explanation of her favorite photo. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. We all need to experience our images more deeply.