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a last minute adventure : Ecuador 2014


Last month I took a last-minute trip to Ecuador, South America.  Normally when I am traveling overseas I don’t describe the trip as “last-minute.”  But when all the details fall into place 4 days before your new departure date – the spontaneity and excitement of a trip that was not on your radar actually happening – is thrilling!  I live for moments like this :)

There is one week in February that Agustin and I try to do something special because the week includes my birthday,Valentine’s day (they are the on the same day but we can make it two holidays) and Agustin’s birthday.   I had planned a fun weekend to Colorado to go snowboarding and have a surprise party for Agustin’s 30th birthday!  Unfortunately, a week before our getaway,  Agustin found out he was being sent on a business trip to Peru and Ecuador and was going to be gone the week of our birthdays and the week after.  (insert sad face)  Plus one of my best friends and college roommates, Abigail, and her awesome husband, Stephan , are taking a trip around the world (check out their awesome blog documenting their travels! and would be staying at my in-laws house in Quito the same week that Agustin was going to be in Ecuador and they were going to see each other over the weekend.  So I thought – obviously I need to go to Ecuador.  :)  So we looked up flights and found out that the miles I had been saving from all my Africa flights were enough to get me a free round trip ticket to Quito, Ecuador!! Done!  So that way I could spend the weekend with Agustin and his wonderful family and celebrate our birthdays together plus spend a few days traveling Ecuador with Abigail, Stephan, and Oliver (Abigail’s brother).  So I decided to surprise Abigail  and not tell her that I’d be joining her Ecuador adventure – because surprises make everything better!  Here are a few photos from my last-minute adventure to Ecuador and birthday fun!


Cafe Mosaico has a fantastic view of the city and it was where Agustin took me on one of our first dates 9 years ago :)



The next day we explored the cities outside of Quito.  Below:  Lago de San Pablo.



We then explored Otavalo, known for its amazing market!ecuador2014_blog-19ecuador2014_blog-26ecuador2014_blog-21



Of course we bought matching ponchos!



We then took a short hike up to Peguche Waterfalls.


My birthday started with a fantastic breakfast with such amazing friends!! (iPhone pics)



Then I spent the afternoon photographing a traveler’s lifestyle session of Ab + Stephan! The perfect way to spend my birthday – with my camera in hand! (Thanks Oliver for this behind the scenes shot!) Stay tuned for the lifestyle session coming on Tuesday!


Agustin arrived from Peru!! We had a joint birthday celebration!


The next day we took Agustin to his favorite steak house in the mountains for an early birthday lunch and spent the afternoon visiting family :)


Can’t think of a better way to celebrate our birthdays! Love you Agustin!  (iPhone pic)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit!