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Jesreen + Karan’s Couple’s Session in India :: Kelly Lemon Photography – International Wedding Photographer


I just got home from Jesreen + Karan’s wedding week in Delhi, India and I am still buzzing with excitement.  Even though I am a bit jet lagged, I couldn’t wait another moment to share this session with you!  Karan is Agustin’s best friend from high school and we wouldn’t miss this amazing wedding for the world.  I got to meet Jesreen and Karan six years ago when I was visiting Agustin in Singapore, and I knew instantly that there was something so special about their relationship.  The week was packed with so many beautiful ceremonies, traditions and parties that I will need to do a few blog posts to cover it all!  So I’ll start with part one of the India Series with a few photos from my couple’s session with Jes and Karan that we did earlier in the week before all the wedding events kicked off!  I was honored that they wanted to fit a session in their busy schedule and absolutely LOVED every minute of the time we got to spend together. Plus I am totally in love with the vibrant colors and the exquisite accessories that come along with an Indian wedding!  Each traditional gown Jes wore this week would make you swoon!  Jesreen & Karan – thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you! We love you both so much!






Jes – you are seriously stunning!


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  1. Ramit says:

    wow! Kelly.. this is awesome.
    I saw the little preview on instagram – and I knew you would have captured something awesome.

    It was so nice to meet Agustin & You – and share photography/business notes. :)
    I love your photographs – and am equally excited to see #JesKaran’s wedding pictures!


  2. Tosha says:

    They are beyond gorgeous! Love her dress! So much fun and emotion in these photos!

  3. Arica says:

    I love EVERYTHING about this session! The colors, the atmosphere, and the people being photographed could not be more beautiful.

  4. Ritu says:

    Kelly awesum pics . It was a pleasure meeting you and Augustine .

  5. O.M.G. that dress….that girl…Beautiful in every way!

  6. Jessica says:

    Stunning! I love her bright pink lip!

  7. Ray Urner says:

    These weddings are soooooo much fun right? Well, minus the weight that seems to find me during the receptions….. ;)

  8. Lorna Tyson says:

    Beautiful! I love the dress, the colors, the relaxed feel, perfect!

  9. So beautiful!!! She is breathtaking and these photos are stunning!!!

  10. Linda Marais says:

    Stunning photos Kelly. The combination of your talent and such a gorgeous couple is amazing.

  11. Asha Deol says:

    I have been following all your updates Kelly. I must say that you are very talented photographer. I love the pics. Jess & Karan are so adorable in the pics. It seems like they had great fun having those pics taken by you, great job and would love to discuss my wedding photography with you as well.

  12. mamlu chatterjee says:

    I love the fact that you captured the fun, intimate moments when Jes & Karan weren’t surrounded by a million people. Terrific stuff Kelly! And just wanted to add, it was wonderful meeting Augustin and you at the wedding! God Bless!