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Happy Anniversary Brooke + JP :: Colorado Wedding Photographer


Brooke + JP – Happy one year anniversary!! It is crazy how the time has flown by! Your wedding was a true celebration! The wedding was stunning, the details were exquisite, but the true beauty was seen in the deep love you two share and how you love others so well!  Each guest truly wanted to support and celebrate your marriage…because we all knew …it was so right and your union was the start of something incredible.

I love asking the couple what their favorite photo is from the wedding day.   Brooke told me she couldn’t pick just one, but narrowed it down to these two photos. 

Brooke shared, “This photo of our first kiss is one of my favorites because it sums up why we’re all there. We love each other and we want all of you to know it!”  



“The sparkler exit photo is my favorite because it has all of our friends and family in it and I think it captures the joy of the day.”  I couldn’t agree more!


To relive their stunning spring wedding celebration at the Vail Fire House – check out their wedding post here!

Happy Anniversary Brooke + JP!

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