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Seattle Elopement Photographer Kelly Lemon :: Bobbi + Mark’s Snoqualmie Falls Elopement



We checked the forecast every day, hoping for a different result. Nope. Rain. So I prepared for the worst and packed my rain windbreaker, my hunter’s rain boots and dressed warm.  But as I was driving up to the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls, I saw the clouds begin to part and it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL sunny warm spring day!! It was perfect.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobbi + Mark at our neighborhood park where we both go to walk our dogs after work every day.  For all you dog-owners out there…you understand when I say, I have met all my neighbors through my dog Toby.  :)

Over the past year I got to see glimpses of their relationship, and saw Mark’s excitement when Bobbi moved up to Seattle and they no longer had to be long distance! Mark & Bobbi are one of the most kind-hearted and laid back couples you will ever meet.  When Bobbi asked if I would consider capturing their small and intimate elopement up at Snoqualmie Falls – I was over the moon excited!  I got to celebrate with two friends and be a part of such a beautiful ceremony plus they are eloping in the mountains at Snoqualmie Falls! It could not have been a better fit!  The whole day was a true reflection of them…relaxed, peaceful and full of laughter and joy – all the emotions that every couple dreams their wedding day will be.  After doing their first look in the privacy of the woods, they had their ceremony on the back patio of their suite at the Salish Lodge with a beautiful view of the mountains and the Falls below.  It was the perfect northwest elopement and its even sweeter when the couple you are celebrating are your friends and neighbors!  Note: be sure to scroll down and see the hilarious and sweet moment between Bobbi + Mark and their pup Franklin!  Congrats Bobbi + Mark! Thank you for welcoming me into such a special celebration!


I asked Mark to give Bobbi a kiss and Franklin wanted to share his love too :-) Haha definitely a highlight of the day!


I love it when couples are willing to go the extra mile to get the epic photos they want! kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-53kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-54kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-55kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-56kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-57kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-58kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-59kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-60kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-62kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-63kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-64kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-65kellylemonphotography_bobbi_mark_elopement_blog-66

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