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First Christmas Season in our new home Christmas Decor Inspiration


Christmas is only 1 DAY AWAY!  Better late than never, right!?  I hope this week you are surrounded with good food, cozy socks, delicious sweets, and a special spot next to the fireplace with those you love – celebrating our Lord and Savior Jesus’ birth!

Growing up, I have always been my mom’s special helper when it came to decorating the house for Christmas.  Now, for those you have the blessing of knowing my mom, you know that Heather Lemon goes ALL out when she decorates for Christmas.  No joke.  It looks like Hallmark exploded into every corner of our home and she pulls it off and it always looks amazing!!  (Some years there are 3 trees and they are all filled to the brim with beautiful ornaments and decor!)  So I definitely got the excitement for Christmas decorating from her…so I thought I’d share a glimpse of our Christmas decor this year in our new home!

Agustin and I had a blast picking out our real 8 foot Christmas tree! We found the perfect one and I love the smell of fresh pine in our home :)  This year, I went with a Gold Glam theme with some rustic woodland animals!  Which is pretty much a reflection of my brand colors.. go figure, I love those colors and tones!  And in regards to the ornaments, one little tidbit about me, is that I collect Christmas ornaments!  And one way we add to that collection is that every time Agustin and I travel together, instead of getting a souvenir that will collect dust, we get a Christmas ornament so that every year when we decorate our tree we can remember our adventures and travels and share stories as we decorate! We have some fun ones from Turkey, Ghana, Friday Harbor, Kenya, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, and many more!  It’s become my favorite part about decorating our tree!  So we decided not to decorate the whole house since our travel arrangements and dates kept changing slightly, but I still wanted to show you our tree and table display in our living room!

And lastly, at the end you’ll see my festive centerpiece that was inspired by a photo I saw on #westelm with a few tips on how to make your own version for an affordable price!!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our home this advent season and I wish you a very Merry Christmas (eve)!

gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-1gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-14gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-16gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-17Our first year of marriage, Agustin and I went to #Pier1 and each got to choose one ornament.  So Agustin picked the hedgehog and I chose the Polar bear (photo: above, left).  They are still two of my favorite ornaments!
gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-8

This ornament is from our 3rd anniversary trip to Friday Harbor our first summer living out here in the Seattle area!

gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-7

This beautiful angel on the left is from my trip last January to Kenya. And as I have shared before on my instagram : my middle name is Joy and I love the impact that word and name has had on my life!

gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-22gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-4

I also collect snowmen, so my sweet friend and mentor Debi got me this adorable Snowman!

gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-12
gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-21
gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-15gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-18gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-27gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-25gold and rustic christmas decor_kellylemonphotography-11This angel on the right is from Ecuador and is made out of a special nut called Tagua Nut.


So I saw this centerpiece (Left) while flipping through photos of #westelm decor and saw this rustic, yet still modern piece and loved it! So naturally, I reached out to some florists on the #RisingTideSociety (a creative community online that’s awesome!) and asked what I needed to get to recreate it!  The florists were SO helpful and I found out, you just need seeded eucalyptus and the red berries and I found them at Whole Foods and the florist there put it together and the whole thing + the vase cost me $19.00!! So my version is a bit more full and a different vase but I love how it turned out!!

Hope you enjoyed a tour through some of our Christmas decor! Merry Christmas Eve!

Stores include: West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Home Goods, and Pier 1 to name a few :)

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