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New York City Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon : Central Park Engagement Session Alex + Logan

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I’m SO excited to share this NYC engagement session! But before I tell you about this incredible couple, I want to share a big tip that I think is important in wedding planning (being that it is #weddingwednesday and all! ;) .

D R E A M  B I G !!

I guess my thoughts on this, do not only apply to weddings but also in life.  If you have a dream…and you know someone may be able to help in making that dream come true…it never hurts to ask! Alex, the beautiful bride below, did just that – she dreamed BIG!

Let me start from the beginning. Alex (a California girl) + Logan ( a NYC native) met through the online dating site Jdate.  Alex noticed Logan’s profile and was quickly intrigued when she saw he had left his finance job on Wallstreet to pursue his dream and move out to Los Angeles to become a TV writer.  See, Alex is a dreamer and saw that Logan also had that heart for adventure and thinking outside the box and that connection quickly drew them together.   Fast forward : by Spring of 2014 they knew they had found the perfect match.

This past summer, Logan was offered a great job opportunity in NYC writing for the TV show Quantico (yeah! he’s the big deal!) – so they have spent the year traveling coast to coast to see each other as much as possible. Alex came out to visit over 4th of July weekend and her biggest dream came true – Logan took her hand and led her to his new favorite spot in Central Park and asked her to be forever by his side.  (cue fireworks!)

Fast Forward.  Alex + Logan are planning their L.A. wedding….but Alex had this dream of doing her engagement session in Central Park – the park where she shared so many memories of  long walks with Logan and ultimately the location where she said YES to her best friend, the man of her dreams.

But, here is the thing… Alex lives in LA and her photographer (me) lives in Seattle… probably the farthest you can get…literally.  But despite her friends saying she was crazy and to let it go, she stepped out of her comfort zone and told me about her dream engagement session!  I LOVE when clients think outside the box!  Even if I wasn’t sure if we could do it – it never hurts to try!  So we started doing research to see if we could swing it while staying in their budget and after lots of research and time… I found CRAZY affordable tickets and all the details fell into place! But this would not have happened if Alex had not been bold and allowed herself to dream big! So here it is :  A few highlights of this beautiful engagement session in the lovely Central Park of New York City! Congrats Alex + Logan!

PLUS be sure to keep scrolling because we had a HILARIOUS ENCOUNTER!! I can truthfully say, I have never had this happen at an engagement session before! Haha

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I loved exploring the exact garden where Logan proposed!

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Ok here it is! We turned the corner…to see a man walking his TURTLES! They had colors, with name tags and registration and everything!! Haha We, of course, had to ask for a photo!

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  1. Brian Garabedian says:

    Kelly- the photos are amazing! Thank you so much for your talent and your commitment to making Alex and Logan’s dream become a reality.

    I have a favorite photo, but I’m not saying which one. Yet.