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Point Defiance Park Wedding : Seattle Wedding Photographer Dayna + Esteban

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It was a day focused on marriage, not just a wedding.  Yes, Dayna + Esteban were thrilled to have their cherished friends and family by their side to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in their lives…but as I witnessed them walk through their wedding day – I could see that their source of joy was their pure excitement and anticipation to step into marriage.  And I love that.

Dayna + Esteban met at young adults happy hour on a cold rainy December night.  Dayna came in, a bit wet I imagine, as she biked to the event – in December…in the rain.  Esteban was impressed.  They caught each other’s eye and it didn’t take long for Esteban to cross the room and introduce himself.  Right from the beginning they hit it off!  Esteban and Dayna were both relatively new to Seattle, so they explored their new city,  mostly on bike, and started on this journey of falling in love.  Esteban than invited Dayna to visit Ecuador, where he is from – to experience his home country and meet his family – and during that trip they both began to realize that the bond they share was special.  Months later,  Esteban took Dayna back to the location of one of their first dates, Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, and asked her to be his wife,  his life partner and forever be by his side!

So what better location to share their vows than the very place where they had their first dates and they started their journey into marriage!  Point Defiance Park has a beautiful view of the water and the day was truly a perfect summer PNW day!  The wedding day was a beautiful celebration so full of joy! When two dear friends tie the knot and ask me to be a part of their special day, it is not a privilege I take lightly.  It was such a delight to share in these special moments and have so many people who I care about in attendance to celebrate alongside them! Dayna + Esteban thank you so much for inviting me to capture this amazing milestone! I love you guys and wish you the best in your marriage!!


Hands down, one of my favorite moments of the day – when the bride and groom see each other for the first time! :)


I LOVE this moment my awesome second shooter, Megan Holloway, got below of Dayna + Esteban’s first look!  Another great reason I love having Megan by my side at weddings – she always enhances my collections for my couples by taking images that are from different and unique angles!


Dayna, you look absolutely beautiful!


seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-43_webseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-33seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-35 seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-31_webseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-36seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-24_webEsteban is excellent at making Dayna laugh! She had her beautiful smile shining all day!
seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-38seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-2_webseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddings

The joy on Dayna and her father’s face coming down the aisle was priceless!!

seattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddings

seattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-37seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-45seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-34_webseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle weddings, tacoma weddings, point defiance weddingsseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-58_webseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-65seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-70seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-71seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-72seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-85seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-73seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-74_webseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-77seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-76_webseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-80seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-82seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-81_webseattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-86seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-87seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-92seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-88seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-90seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-93seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-94seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-96seattle-wedding-photographer-point-defiance-wedding-dayna-esteban-97

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