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Best of 2017


Wow, looking back – 2017 was quite the whirlwind! Full of moments of joy and hardship, but when I reflect on my past year – so many of the highlights were in the AMAZING moments I had the privilege of sharing with my incredible #klp_couples ! I have a heart for adventure and a passion to share the authentic stories, the story that reflects my KLP couples and the elements of their story that make them unique! This past year I really feel like I found a deeper connection to my artistic voice. It was really hard to narrow this post down any further, but I hope you enjoy reviewing some of my top favorite images of 2017!
kellylemonphotography-margie+lucas_rockthedress-218 Would you be willing to hike a mountain and get your shoes a little dirty – if it meant you could twirl in your dress with the man you love with a view like that? If the answer is Yes – I think a) we should be friends and b) we should chat more about your big day! kellylemonphotography-jordan+sanoe_jeepshoot-11

“Wow, where do I even start? Kelly is a friend. She’s a friend to almost everyone she meets and that’s rare. I believe that is really the point of difference with her photography. You overcome the “stuffy, staged photo” look so quickly, because the trust and comfort factor is present immediately. For me, that was my worst fear. Having photos that were staged and felt anything but authentic. I just wanted beautiful, genuine photos. A movie of photos. Kelly tells that story with her photography. She grabs those moments of emotion, the twirls in your dress when your body is looking just right (ladies, you know what I’m talking about!), and the belly laughs when they are least expected. It’s incredible!” – Angie

kellylemonphotography-ANGIE+CHAD_WEDDING-184kellylemonphotography_fab+cole_lifestylesession-15kellylemonphotography_joshuatree-keary+justin-28 (1)in home session

kellylemonphotography-RACHEL+MIKE_Wedding-159 “Kelly treated us both like family. I was just talking to my aunt about Kelly and she said “You know, your photographer remembered my name through-out the whole day. When it was time for family photos, she came up to me and said ‘okay, Aunt Linda, time for photos outside.'” That personal touch of remembering my big, crazy family made a huge difference. Kelly is also invested in her brides. She wants to know your story, how your grew up, and your goals in life together. Right before I walked down the aisle, she came to me and gave me some wonderful advice about making sure I take a moment to take it all in. Your wedding day is a blur but she will be your rock and your cheerleader through it all.” – Rachel + Mike




“I had been dreaming of having Kelly as our wedding photographer for years! The experience far surpassed all of my expectations–which is saying something, because I already knew that Kelly was an incredibly generous, open-hearted adventurer who knows how to celebrate (even the little things)! I am so thankful that Kelly’s expertise, attention to detail, and meaningful friendship helped me to be more fully present on that day, and that definitely shines through in our pictures!” – Mariah


kellylemonphotography_tracy+david_engaged_part2-93 (1)kellylemonphotography-seanandbianca_wedding-1016

“It really just felt like we were hanging out with a friend. And a friend you indeed are. Thank you for everything, Kelly. Not everyone finds their calling, and not only did you discover it, you overcame so much to make it a reality. You are a true inspiration to both of us.” – Sean + Bianca



“Working with you Kelly was wonderful from the get go! You truly captured the magic and emotion of the day in so many moments.” – Brianna

kellylemonphotography_ab+stephan+anniversary_italy-6 (1)


Final- EmilyPrint-1


kellylemonphotography_joshuatree-keary+justin-33 (1)






kellylemonphotography_victoria_colby_Wedding-687 (3)

“I feel like I could write a 30 page essay on how grateful I am we found you as our photographer, Kelly. I don’t think we could have found a better person to be with for our engagement photos and also the wedding. Planning the wedding brought its ups and down with stress for my wife, but I remember after meeting you that was essentially the first and only time during the wedding process where there was an emphatic YES! we need to use Kelly. I feel its very difficult to accurately express how much joy the photos and just overall experience of having you as our photographer brought both of us; I just want to Thank you for everything.” – Colby



kellylemonphotography_fab+cole_lifestylesession-40 (1)

kellylemonphotography-tracy_david_engaged-20 (2)kellylemonphotography-dayna+jason_wedding-853kellylemonphotography-jeffandkarly_engaged-63kellylemonphotography-PJ+Taylour-wedding-509




kellylemonphotography-poonam+ruwan_engagementphotos-188kellylemonphotography-mariah_cassidy_wedding-HIGHLIGHTS-20 (1)



kellylemonphotography-devyn+steven_wedding-743 (1)






kellylemonphotography-PJ+Taylour-wedding-202 (1)



kellylemonphotography-melissa+duncanPROPOSAL-90kellylemonphotography-calla+kent_wedding-152kellylemonphotography-eddie+soohyun_wedding-873kellylemonphotography-alene+kris_wedding-763 (2)kellylemonphotography_michael+stephanie_engagement-155



“When we received our photos, we were in love. Each photo felt like a true interpretation of how happy and blessed we felt on the day. Kelly’s understanding of light and color made all our photos feel ethereal and we both still get butterflies looking through them!” – Cassie + Alex


kellylemonphotography_seattle_wedding_photographer_engaged_rachel_david-19kellylemonphotography-jennie+chad_weddingday-206 (1)


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  1. Taz says:

    Your work is staggeringly stunning! Love how you capture emotion and tell a story! There is such a timeless feel to these photos. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2018 and I look forward to being impressed once again when you do post another yearly compilation! Best wishes!