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Ecuador: Our Second Home


Agustin and I got to travel to Ecuador and introduce his family to Juliana!! We are so thankful we could take the precautions and see his family safely and it truly was such a refreshing way to end 2020. Juliana LOVED meeting her uncles and her little cousin Felipine!

A HUGE highlight was getting such quality time with her grandparents. We adventured to the mountains, visited Sebastian’s (Agustin’s brother) new lodge and spa with a glamping feel just outside of Quito surrounded by the volcanos Called Nativo Country! Juls loved her poncho and meeting the cows and the horses – but mostly was smitten with tio Sebas!

We then took a road trip to the coast to visit Agustin’s second brother and sister-n-law and little nephew Felipine! We drove through so many different parts and terrains of Ecuador on our way to Guayaquil and when we were driving by a volcano spotted some Vicunas!

Juls was such a big fan of the mangos in Ecuador and we took full advantage!

Agustin with Juliana and his nephew Felipine

Then Agustin and I took one of our first date days since Juliana was born and drove to Lake Mica and hiked and explored and it was such a fun adventure!

During our last week – Agustin, Sebas and I took a day trip to our cousin’s incredible reserve and eco lodge in the jungle! If you are going to Ecuador you HAVE to go to Maquipucuna!  It felt like we were in Jurassic Park! We saw leaves larger than the my body and even saw a baby armadillo! Such a fun highlight!

This trip went by so fast! Of course we were sad to not see most of Agustin’s extended family – but it challenged us to explore more of the outdoor adventures that Ecuador has to offer and we aren’t always able to squeeze those in so that was definitely a beautiful silver lining! I also got to do an adventure session that was truly incredible having the opportunity to photograph an incredible couple in a really different and stunning landscape!(more to come from that session!)

Hope you enjoyed the highlights from our trip!

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