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Gold Creek Pond Engagement


Nestled in the stunning Snoqualmie Pass, Gold Creek Pond offers a picturesque backdrop for any occasion. The pristine alpine lake, surrounded by the towering Cascade Mountains, is a photographer’s dream. This makes it the perfect location for an engagement session. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing the love story of Anisha and Kevin against the breathtaking scenery of Gold Creek Pond. From the vibrant wildflowers to the crystal-clear waters, every detail of this location made for a truly magical experience. I’ll share some of our favorite moments from the session. And, I’ll offer tips for couples planning their own engagement shoot at Gold Creek Pond.

Anisha and Kevin moved to Seattle last year, but Kevin is finishing his residency up on the east coast. Because of that, I wanted to show them some true beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I wanted them to enjoy their new home together during their engagement session. I know they’re excited when they can both call the place home and settle in.

Gold Creek Pond is great location for engagements, elopements, intimate weddings, and all other type of photography sessions. I wanted to offer some insight if you’re planning your shoot there!

#1 Try for a weekday, not a weekend!

This has become a really popular spot over the years so the weekends can get a bit crowded. You’re likely to run into at least one if not many other shoots happening at Gold Creek Pond if you choose to go on a weekend. But weekdays make it much less busy!

#2 Gold Creek Pond is an accessible spot

If you have any concerns about accessibility related to your shoot, Gold Creek Pond is a great option. Parking lot leads right onto a flat, paved path that gets to the lake in a short walk. There are also restrooms available at the parking lot, and a lot of the area, even the path around the lake, is fairly plat and partly paved.

#3 Choose your season for a Gold Creek Pond Engagement

There are no bad times for an engagement session at Gold Creek Pond, but if you’re planning to go up in the snow, know what you’re getting into! The road to the lake closes in the deep winter, so just factor an additional mile of walking on a snowy road if you in the winter!

The weather can also look different up in Snoqualmie Pass, so make sure you check it out before you plan the trip! Summer, spring, and fall are all great options for your shoot at Gold Creek Pond.

The Pacific Northwest is rich with amazing places to shoot your engagement session, you really can’t go wrong. But, a personal favorite for beautiful lake surrounded by mountains that’s easily accessibly is always going to be Gold Creek Pond!

man and woman hold each other in front of lake
boy hugs girl from behind and the smile at each other at Gold Creek Pond engagement session
boy and girl walk in front of lake at Gold Creek Pond engagement session
boy and girl walk in front of lake at Gold Creek Pond engagement session
man and woman hold each other in front of lake during Gold Creek Pond engagement session
close on womans hand with diamond engagement ring
woman stares at man
man in grey suit has an arm around womans shoulders in front of a lake
man and woman cheer as they swig champagne
man and woman hold each other in front of lake during gold creek engagement shoot
girl hugs boy from behind and they look at each other and laugh
girl hugs boy from behind and they smile at each other during gold creek pond engagement
boy and girl walk in front of lake holding hands during gold creek pond engagement session

If you’d like to plan your own Gold Creek Pond engagement photo shoot, reach out to me!

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  1. Stunning photos! WOW! I absolutely loved how beautifully you captured this couple. Thank you so much for sharing these photos!