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Make Your Elopement Unique


Tips on Activities to do the Weekend or Day of your Elopement

Elopements have evolved far beyond the traditional quick courthouse weddings. Modern couples embrace elopements as an opportunity to create deeply personal and unique experiences that reflect your interests, passions, and sense of adventure. Let’s dive into way to make your elopement truly unique to you.

Fishing: A Tranquil Start to Your Journey

Imagine starting your wedding day with the serene and calming activity of fishing. Whether casting lines into a misty lake at dawn or fly fishing in a rushing river, this activity can set a peaceful and reflective tone for your day. It’s also an excellent opportunity for the couple to share a quiet moment together before the excitement of the ceremony, fostering a sense of calm and tranquility.

A couple might elope at a rustic cabin near a secluded lake. After a morning of fishing and enjoying nature, they could have an intimate ceremony on the dock, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

man stands on a rock on the lake

Journaling in the Morning: Capturing the Moment

Starting your elopement day by journaling can be a meaningful way to capture your thoughts, feelings, and hopes. This reflective activity lets couples express their emotions and intentions for marriage in writing, creating a cherished keepsake for years.

A couple might wake up early to watch the sunrise together, each with a journal. You could write love letters to each other, documenting their excitement and anticipation before reading them aloud during their ceremony.

Off-Road Jeeping: An Adventure to Remember

For thrill-seeking couples, off-road jeeping offers an adrenaline-pumping start to an elopement day. Exploring rugged terrains and scenic landscapes in a jeep adds an adventurous twist, making the journey to the ceremony location as memorable as the vows themselves. This adventure-filled activity is sure to get your heart racing and ready for the thrill of the ceremony.

A couple could rent a jeep and navigate through desert trails, stopping at a breathtaking overlook to exchange vows with a panoramic view as their backdrop.

bride walks up to offroad jeep

Hiking: Embracing Nature’s Beauty

Hiking to your elopement destination can be both a physical and emotional journey. The hike can symbolize the path you are taking together in life, with the natural surroundings enhancing the intimacy and beauty of the moment.

A couple might hike to a secluded mountain peak, where they exchange vows surrounded by expansive views and the tranquility of nature. Post-ceremony, they could enjoy a picnic with a view, celebrating their union in the heart of the wilderness.

bride and groom hiking on mt rainier
bride and groom hiked with mt rainier in the background

Picnicking: An Intimate Celebration

A picnic can be a charming and intimate way to celebrate your elopement. With a basket filled with your favorite foods and a cozy blanket, you can enjoy a relaxed and personal meal together before or after your ceremony.

After a morning ceremony, a couple could spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy a brunch featuring fresh fruits, pastries, and champagne, making their first meal as a married couple unique and memorable.

Camping the Night Before Setting the Scene

Camping the night before your elopement can set the stage for a truly immersive experience. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to the sounds of nature can create a magical ambiance, making your elopement feel like a natural extension of your adventure.

A couple could set up camp near their chosen elopement site, spend the evening by the campfire, share stories, and toast marshmallows. The next morning, they could wake up to the sound of birds and have a peaceful ceremony at sunrise.

bride and groom set up tent
bride and groom pose with their dogs in front of tent

Seaplane: A Scenic Arrival

Arriving at your elopement destination by seaplane adds a touch of glamour and excitement. The scenic flight offers stunning aerial views and a sense of adventure, making the journey as thrilling as the destination.

A couple could board a seaplane to a remote island or lakeside location. After landing on the water, they could have an intimate ceremony on the beach, with the seaplane serving as a unique backdrop for their photos.

Horseback Riding: A Romantic Journey

Horseback riding can add a romantic and timeless element to your elopement. Riding through picturesque landscapes, hand in hand, creates an enchanting experience that feels like a fairy tale. This romantic activity is sure to make you feel deeply in love and ready to exchange your vows.

A couple might ride horses through a forest or along a coastline. From there you could arrive at a beautiful clearing where they exchange vows. The horses could then be included in their post-ceremony photos, adding a touch of elegance and romance.

Cooking Class: With or Without Guests

Taking a cooking class before your elopement can be a memorable way to bond with your partner and guests while immersing yourselves in the local culture. However, if cooking is not your thing, there are plenty of other unique pre-wedding activities you can consider.

My couple decided to elope in the picturesque countryside of Italy, and before their intimate ceremony, they arranged a pizza cooking class for themselves and their guests. This culinary experience provided a fun and interactive activity and created cherished memories and a unique start to their wedding celebration.

Helicopter: A High-Flying Adventure

Consider taking a helicopter to a remote and breathtaking location for a truly spectacular elopement. The thrill of the flight, combined with the exclusivity of the destination, makes for an unforgettable experience.

A couple could take a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier or a remote mountain peak. Amidst the stunning and dramatic scenery, couples could exchange vows with only the vastness of nature as their witness.

More Ideas: Tailoring Your Elopement

There are countless other ways to make your elopement unique. Consider activities that reflect your interests and passions:

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: Exchange vows while floating above the landscape.
  • Kayaking: Paddle to a secluded spot for an intimate ceremony.
  • Snowshoeing: For winter lovers, trek through snowy landscapes to your ceremony site.
  • Wine Tasting Tour: Celebrate your union by visiting vineyards and toasting with your favorite wines.

Eloping offers the freedom to create a wedding experience that is truly your own. By incorporating activities that reflect your shared interests and sense of adventure, you can ensure that your elopement is unique and deeply meaningful. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, thrill, or a blend of both, the possibilities are endless for crafting a day that you and your partner will cherish forever.

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