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Last month I took a last-minute trip to Ecuador, South America.  Normally when I am traveling overseas I don’t describe the trip as “last-minute.”  But when all the details fall into place 4 days before your new departure date – the spontaneity and excitement of a trip that was not on your radar actually happening […]

a last minute adventure : Ecuador 2014



Meet Tonie. When I first moved to Seattle I had numerous people tell me that it would be really difficult to make real friendships, especially with fellow photographers.  I was afraid that I might not find the same loving community of photographers here, like I have back in Colorado.   I am so blessed to […]

Meet the Faces: Tonie – Seattle Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer Kelly Lemon Photography

People and Portraits


Katie and Chris have a true “boy meets girl” kind of romantic story!  They met on Vail Mountain after Katie rode the chairlift with this guy Brad, Chris’ friend and now groomsmen, who invited her to tag along and ride (snowboard lingo) the mountain with him and his friends.  She got in line for the […]

A Vail Valley Engagement: Katie & Chris

People and Portraits


Agustin and I have been so blessed by a couple of families here in Accra that have welcomed us into their homes, the Bartee Family being one of them! Brian and Anna have such a vibrant love for each other and for their four beautiful girls.  They are so giving and a joy to be […]

A day in the life of the Bartee Family!

People and Portraits


I have the privilege to do this series Meet the Faces.  The main purpose is to tell stories that I believe need to be told…and also to challenge myself to be intentional with the relationships I am building here in Ghana.  Whether it be a friend from church or someone I randomly meet in the market.  […]

meet the faces : his name is divine



Ghana has been having some extreme power outage problems this month – due to some political problems with the country that we normally get our power, gas and energy from – so thank you for your patience! The “Meet the Faces” first edition is coming soon! In the meantime…today Agustin and I are going to […]

Just a sweet face for the day…