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This week marks 16 YEARS. 16 years from the day that dramatically changed the course of my life!  The day that my family was in a severe car accident that resulted in a Flight for Life helicopter and the final outcome being full paralysis of my right arm and numerous other injuries. To read a bit more […]

16 YEAR ANNIVERSARY A Life Modified : The Power of Storytelling and Real Connections

A Life Modified


IT’S HERE! The blog post that many of you have asked about, and that I am so eager to share!  I am thrilled to share with you what I did during my time in Nakuru, Kenya last month; what I learned and how this trip has impacted my whole perspective on service and ministry. But […]

Hope for Life Kenya Part 1 :: Passion Portrait Photographer Kelly Lemon



  Meet Vivienne. A 10 year old girl with a heart to end child slavery…with her lemonade stand. After learning about two enslaved boys in Nepal from a photograph, Vivienne knew that those boys should be playing…they should have the freedom to be kids.  So she set out to help in the best way she […]

An eye opening experience at the cinema – #StandWithMe



Meet Tonie. When I first moved to Seattle I had numerous people tell me that it would be really difficult to make real friendships, especially with fellow photographers.  I was afraid that I might not find the same loving community of photographers here, like I have back in Colorado.   I am so blessed to […]

Meet the Faces: Tonie – Seattle Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer Kelly Lemon Photography

People and Portraits


I was intimidated to start my Meet the Faces project again. Not sure why.  (To see past Meet the Faces posts, click here and here.)  I’ve always loved the conversations that the project has led to and I knew it’d be a great way to be intentional in a new city to meet new people.  I love the […]

Meet the Faces: Allen, an Iranian, with a few thoughts on life and Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet the Faces


  I’m starting up my “Meet the Faces” series again ( click here for past “Meet the Faces” entries), and excited to highlight the interesting and inspiring people I come across and sharing a bit about them and what makes them tick.  So here we go. Meet Kate.  I met Kate at a photojournalism conference 6 […]

Meet the Faces :: Kate Gazaway with Picture Change