Meet the Faces - Kelly Lemon Photography - Part 2


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Divine’s family has become a special part of my experience in Ghana, so I’m sure they will make more appearances on the blog, but I want to give you all an update on how your support has blessed this family.  (If you have not read Divine’s story, you can read it here: Part 1, Part […]

Meet the Faces :: Divine says “Thank You!”



I can’t wait to share the full story of the beautiful blessing I’ve had the privilege of witnessing these past couple of weeks.  Today it will suffice to say that I am full of joy.  God’s provision for this beautiful family has been astonishing.  Thank you for those who joined me – one piece of art at […]

a beautiful blessing :: sneak peek



I had the privilege of meeting Divine and his family and I have been so blessed by this new friendship.  Divine is a man who passionately loves his family. He and his wife, Augustina, have beautiful twin girls, Mary & Messy, who are under the age of two and are probably the cutest things you’ll ever see. Really. […]

Fighting Malaria : one piece of art at a time…



I have the privilege to do this series Meet the Faces.  The main purpose is to tell stories that I believe need to be told…and also to challenge myself to be intentional with the relationships I am building here in Ghana.  Whether it be a friend from church or someone I randomly meet in the market.  […]

meet the faces : his name is divine



As you may know, I am starting a series on my blog called “Meet the Faces.”  This series will entail a different “face” every week; a glimpse into the stories that I’ve been blessed to hear.   I’ve met some amazing people…and simply put, I want to share their stories. Sometimes, especially here in Africa, […]

meet the faces :: Divine {preview}