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Fighting Malaria : one piece of art at a time…


I had the privilege of meeting Divine and his family and I have been so blessed by this new friendship.  Divine is a man who passionately loves his family. He and his wife, Augustina, have beautiful twin girls, Mary & Messy, who are under the age of two and are probably the cutest things you’ll ever see. Really.  If you’d like to catch up on the first installment of Meet the Faces and read Divine’s powerful story, check it out here.   I’ll be posting the full update on Mary & Messy’s conditions in my next post. But today I want to focus on Divine’s art.

As an artist, I appreciate the time and effort it takes to master a craft.  Divine does beautiful art with his hands and I want to showcase that today.  If any of these pieces interest you, I’ll be happy to bring them back to the U.S. and mail them in May.  Win win.. buy a piece of art, help a man pay for his little girls’ malaria medication.

Before I show his art…I just had to show you his beautiful little girl Mary. She is strong. a fighter.

These are the bookends that Divine made for our home.

Here are a few other bookend styles he makes. The stool is a symbol for the Ashanti tribe here in Ghana.  The symbol on the back of the bookends means “Gye Nyame” which translates to “except for God” – and is a very popular Ghanaian symbol representing the supremacy of God.

Divine also makes the elephants with their trunks up – symbolizing good luck.

Divine’s other daughter Messy – who was also diagnosed with Malaria this week.

The beautiful Augustina and the girls in their Sunday best!

*One custom set of bookends cost $20 US plus shipping (will be shipped from Colorado).  Contact me for the full list of pricing and information about the art available and custom pieces made upon request. 

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  1. These are really beautiful and the kids are gorgeous too! Great job!

  2. Wow. I am at loss for words. What a beautiful thing you are doing with this.

  3. Jamie says:

    BEAUTIFUL! ….. Just Beautiful! :D

  4. Kendall Thow says:

    Are any of the little elephants for sale?? :)

    • Kelly says:

      Kendall, the bookends with the elephants or the elephants with the beading on them? And YES! Everything is for sale! Just let me know what you are interested in purchasing and I’ll send you an email with details on pricing, how to send the payment and when you’ll expect it :) Thanks for your support!

  5. Wow, love those bookends! What a talent! And those girls are just the sweetest. Will be praying for their recovery.

  6. Great shots! What an amazing talent Divine has, whoa!

  7. Kendall says:

    Yes, the little elephants with the beads! Fabulous!
    My email add is Thanks!

  8. Debbi Musgrove says:

    Kelly, I’m interested in a set of elephant bookends. So touched by his story and praying for his beautiful girls recovery.

  9. What a beautiful family! Kelly, can I just donate through paypal to help with their medication?

    • Kelly says:

      I’m currently trying to find a way to make it work through Paypal – so I’ll be in touch with the best way to go about that. Thanks for your support!!

  10. Michelle says:

    Kelly everything is gorgeous and I will be praying for the girls.! I will take a beaded elephant and pass this on to my bible study!

  11. Angela says:

    These are beautiful pieces! My bookcases are crammed full of books so I don’t have room for bookends but I would LOVE to make a donation. Please let me know when you have that worked out.

    Amazing what you are doing!

  12. Whitney Lane says:

    I <3 this shoot and what a beautiful family So great what your doing keep it up girl :D

  13. Gorgeous hand crafted work! I can’t wait to order mine.