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We are so excited to share the news! This past Thursday we invited a few friends over to celebrate with a BBQ and of course, a gender reveal! A big thanks to my friend Quynh for ordering the gender reveal confetti and Tonie for capturing this moment for us! Scroll to see the gender of […]

Gender Reveal!!



Agustin, I honestly don’t know how to start this letter.  I guess it’s appropriate to start with Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary babe!!  Wow…7 years of marriage. SO much has happened and changed in our lives over the past 7 years..  Between our time in Colorado, Ghana (West Africa), to the last 5 years here growing […]

A Letter to Agustin : Happy Anniversary Cheers to 7 year of marriage!

People and Portraits


We are so excited to announce that we are GROWING OUR FAMILY!! No, we are not pregnant. But we are learning how God can grow families in the most unique and beautiful ways! These past 2 years have been a WHIRLWIND to say the least!! We have gone through seasons of hope and heartbreak, but […]

We are Growing our Family The Journey to Baby Vizcaino



I’m not sure how to share this, to be honest, or where to even start. This is something I’ve not felt ready to put out there, or to sometimes even say out loud. But I know that in the past, sharing my unique and personal story has always brought upon more love and blessing than […]

The Hardest Post I have ever written Expanding our Family



When I first started my photography business – I had just graduated from college and got a full-time job in marketing and doing photography for a real estate company.   My husband was in grad school full-time working hard, so my job was the main income we had coming in that year as Agustin was finishing school. […]

Words I wish I was told Years Ago Notes for the Go-Getter

For Photographers


Happy Friday!! I truly LOVE everything about this season! Christmas music, cheesy christmas movies, decorating – I LOVE all of it! Ever since Agustin and I got married and had a home of our own, I began learning a lot about myself and one thing I have learned is that I truly love to host people in […]

How to create a seasonal centerpiece for the holidays! How to be an Adult - No.2