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A Letter to Agustin : Happy Anniversary Cheers to 7 year of marriage!

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Agustin, I honestly don’t know how to start this letter.  I guess it’s appropriate to start with Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary babe!!  Wow…7 years of marriage. SO much has happened and changed in our lives over the past 7 years..  Between our time in Colorado, Ghana (West Africa), to the last 5 years here growing our community in Seattle, WA – it has been a whirlwind.

2018 has been a year of extremes. It’s been a tough road these past few months.  We have been challenged to flex the muscle of finding joy in the times of hardship, and I am continually amazing by the peace God gave us through some of those hardest moments. But also equally experienced amazing blessings and favor.  God is using my sweet friend in our lives…and in our journey to parenthood and I know God has big plans, I can feel it.

As we are entering this season of surrogacy (or technically gestational carrier) – I can’t help but think of you as a the future father to our baby :) Just typing those words, brings tears to my eyes.

You are going to be an amazing dad.  You truly love kids! Kids gravitate to you. Your playful and childlike spirit,  warm and compassionate actions and tender touch – has every kid I know wanting you to be their new best friend!  I have always been excited for that stage of our lives because that will be the time I get to see such a beautiful part of you shine bright. You are going to teach our future child what it means to be generous, helpful, and have a serving heart. Watching you play with your nephews,  volunteer at sunday school with the toddlers, or become best buds with our friends’ kids (you are always their favorite! haha) gives me small glimpse of whats in store for our family.

We have a long road ahead, (likely a year and half at least), but it will all be worth it.  I know God is writing the most beautiful story.

Agustin, thank you. Thank you for taking care of me this past Spring when I couldn’t care for myself when I lost my mobility in my left arm.  Thank you for loving me with so much grace during the moments when I couldn’t take any more hard news.  Thank you for making me laugh and helping me remember the sweet joys in life.

Thank you for being my partner in crime, my business consultant, my forever hot date, and friend.

Year 8…it’s going to be a big one!  I couldn’t imagine starting this crazy adventure of pursuing surrogacy and growing our family with anyone else by my side. I love you.




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