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welcome to the blog.

Rebranding is cool. It’s my first post on the new blog!


Wow – it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’m so excited to reenter the blogging world and what better day to do it than on my BIRTHDAY! And VALENTINE’S DAY!  Yup – I’m a valentine baby.  It’s pretty cool…especially when you people send you posts like this.

This rebranding project has been a long time coming. It started with my new logo and stationary last Spring, and with moving to Africa and wrapping up my wedding season, finishing the website and blog kept being pushed to the side.  It’s funny how the most important projects, can sometimes take a backseat if we don’t map out the time for it in our schedules. But it’s done and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out!  Yay! (just did a little dance!) So bounce on over to or click on the link above.

Just want to give a little shout out to Shane Musgrove for doing such a great job on my website.  Okay I have to give my sales pitch because he really did such a fantastic job.  Shane is easy to work with, fast, detail-oriented in a way that he wants your site to be the best it can and settles for no less. He is patient – when I couldn’t get back to him due to power outages and internet difficulties (an unfortunate reoccurring theme here in Ghana) – he kept at it..and bit by bit we finished!  So if anyone is looking for someone to put together and design their website – he’s awesome.

So here it is. My new baby…my new blog. This is where I’ll be sharing my photography endeavors, fun adventures and photos from Ghana, and other random things in my crazy life that I feel are noteworthy.  Welp! I hope you grab a cup of coffee, browse the galleries on the new website, and stay awhile. :)

Home Page of the new website!

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My superpower is putting people at ease; whether that's behind the camera or on their elopement day solving problems calmly under pressure. I am passionate about building relationships with the people I work with. 


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  1. Caylin says:

    i love the new site Kelly!!!! so fresh and inviting!!! :) you are such a talented woman!!!!! xo

  2. Soulja says:

    Beautiful blog! i`ll check it daily :D