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Starting this post has been quite hard, because I have no idea where to begin. So much has been happening over the past 7 months! But I guess to catch people up – what started this grand adventure was Agustin got offered a job to work for an international tuna shipping company.  They told him that they’d like to send him to a tuna plant they are partnering with in Ghana to help out and be eyes and ears for the company on the ground. So we visited Ghana, thought and prayed about it…the job, the move, the adventure, leaving friends and family, dramatic changes to come…all that is entailed in moving abroad.  But doors continued to open and we felt at peace we were suppose to go.   So he moved to Ghana in July and I stayed in the U.S.  to finish my wedding season, going to Ghana whenever I had a 10 day break between weddings.  And during my visits, documentary photography opportunities for me began to unfold.  So after finishing my wedding season, I moved in November and have been so blessed by some of the people I’ve met and organizations I’ve started relationships with.  We then traveled to see our families for the holidays, and when we came back in January I was excited to actually be here. To let the dust settle, ya know?  Get to know the women at the fruit stand, become more familiar with the city, build relationships, and learn some Twi (which I’m horrible at but hey at least we have something to laugh about!).

This blog will display many things, from weddings and lifestyle sessions in the U.S. to day-to-day life in Ghana – but you’ll notice the most common theme on here will be people.  Whether I’m in Colorado or Cambodia, I love to learn about people and their stories – and it’s even more of a blessing if I get the honor to photograph the faces behind the story.  So starting next week I’ll be starting a new series called “Faces” – highlighting some of the amazing people I’ve met and sharing a bit about their amazing story!  But before this post gets too long – enjoy a few images from our time in Accra. Each image has a story…some of which you may read about later, but hopefully it’ll give you a taste of life here in Accra.  Because every good post should have some photos, right?














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  1. Alicia Armijos says:

    This is a great work, CONGRATULATIONS, I am very proud to see your new life in Ghana and your purpose to show the great faces and people of your new hometown. Is wonderful to feel and share with you as a couple with Agustin your new life.

  2. Kathryn B says:

    Love it! I love all your bright colorful photos, and the faces! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, and miss you tons.

  3. Chandler Barnes says:


    This is wonderful. Great photography (I particularly love the B&W portrait at the top).
    Great work. Lots of learning in Africa.

    May God bless you and yours….


  4. Its wonderful as your other posts : D, thankyou for posting . “Age is a function of mind over matter if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” by Leroy Robert Satchel Paige.