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blue spandex + rollerblades + brilliant yellow capes


A couple of weeks ago it was Ghana’s Independence Day.  I was curious to see how they celebrate…will everyone be showing their Ghana flag? Wearing the flag’s colors? Getting ready for the city parade?  In the United States we like to do things BIG! From our food, to our stores, to our celebrations. Hey – I can admit I do enjoy the 4th of July Fireworks :)

So while yes, Ghanaians recognize the importance of the day, it’s not quite the same experience.  However, as Agustin and I were driving home, I looked out the window and this man wearing bright blue spandex and a bright yellow cape rolled past us on rollerblades!  I looked back..only to see a train of about 15 men in the same attire following after him. “Hey! Parade! Maybe it’s for Ghana’s independence day!??”  But as I got a closer look (yes – I made Agustin pull over for this great photo-op) I realized…nope.. not quite a celebration of their country’s independence day. Nope.  Loya Milk.  Milk.  Hey.. they say its healthier! Why not advertise with men in capes and spandex!?  Oh the joys of Ghana :) Happy Thursday!

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  1. That is a good way to advertise!!! What a fun capture!

  2. Rebecca Anne says:

    Hahaha! Oh my goodness! What an experience.

  3. Amanda says:

    Haha I literally was laughing out loud! How interesting!!! : )

  4. Jenna Leigh says:

    Oh my,
    I want to be there.. right now. I don’t want to wear blue spandex, but they look cute! How fun!

  5. lin says:

    This is so fun!

  6. Jamie Bodo says:

    So festive! Love the colors and the upbeat vibe :)

  7. Anna Gordon says:

    ha! love it! thanks for sharing:)

  8. This is exactly why living in another country is good for the soul. You get to see other perspectives on life and it changes you forever. You’ll always remember this and probably never see it again.

  9. How fun! I’m so with Michelle on the beauty of travel opening our eyes to things we’ve never seen or appreciated before. So glad you are experiencing so much!