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Learning through teaching and friendships


I sat across from my friend Sonya speechless. Me? Teach a photography class? I looked over my shoulder, expecting an older, more experienced photographer sitting behind me. But I didn’t see anyone; only a mirror reflecting back my puzzled look.  I was honored, of course, and horrified at the same time. But she had been the third lady to ask me in the past couple of weeks.  So I started thinking…”maybe I am supposed to do this” and I wasn’t getting the clues? I guess God needed to make it a bit more clear.  I knew the class would be a bit messy and unorganized, but hey I’m an artist. ;) So I accepted the offer and made a choice.  I’m in.   Kelly Lemon Photography’s first class launched March 12, 2013 in Accra, Ghana with four students.

This has been a great opportunity for growth…for me.  Do I know the technical side of photography and a camera? Sure. But to teach it? A whole different ball game. Well I laced up my boots and went all in.  And the past 9 weeks have been amazing!  It has been a wonderful chance for me to share my excitement and love for photography with eager and listening ears.   I have loved doing the prep work for the class, and seeing the girls’ photo assignments improve from week to week.  I couldn’t be more proud. They started as ladies with a great interest in photography…and now I’d confidently say due to their own dedication and practice –  they are four photographers.  Today, for our last class, we went on a field trip to Makola market – a very very busy market in Accra. I knew the lighting would be changing every corner we turned and the hustle and bustle would definitely put their skills to the test. They did wonderfully!! Here are a few photos from today’s outing at Makola Market and if you have the pleasure of being friends with these ladies on Facebook – be sure to check out some of their work!

I love this last photo! And our outfits color coordinate! Please excuse that it’s not in clear focus…self-timers can only do so much ;)


Elopement ready?

I would love to be your elopement photographer and guide!

My superpower is putting people at ease; whether that's behind the camera or on their elopement day solving problems calmly under pressure. I am passionate about building relationships with the people I work with. 


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  1. Benita Meyer says:

    Cannot emphasise enough how wonderful this past 9 weeks have been!
    What a Blessing it was to spent so much quality time with all of you!
    Thank you Kelly for teaching us and help us to put into practice what we’ve learned! Anna, Lisa & Sonya I will treasure these memories forever!

  2. Janet Intini says:

    Where do I sign up!!!! :)

  3. What an awesome experience for all 5 of you. Proud of you for stepping up even without all the answers. That stops me so many times.

  4. How cool! What an awesome experience! That’s amazing. I’d be so scared to teach. You rock!

  5. Jamie Bodo says:

    So cute! I also love seeing others’ equipment :)

  6. Wow, how exciting to be able to teach these great ladies.