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A Beaver Creek Engagement: Michael & Melissa

People and Portraits

Michael & Melissa are getting married in September.  They met at their Crossfit gym, and exchanged friendly hellos at their 6pm class.   They noticed each other at a distance, but their paths didn’t cross beyond the gym. That is, until Melissa coordinated a group baseball game, and invited Michael to come along.  That Rockies game led to long talks, the first date, and now they are eagerly anticipating the beautiful day where they will celebrate their union, and walk through life as husband and wife.

Melissa is a beautiful bundle of energy, a perfect balance for Michael’s laid back, gentle personality.  Melissa and I discovered that we share a love for sushi, so we decided to go out for a few sushi rolls before the session. It was a great time for me to get to know them even better since they booked me over Skype while I was in Ghana. We then spent the afternoon documenting their vibrant love, playing with their dog Jade (its been the season for adorable dogs!), and dodging rain, finding beautiful pockets of sunshine in Edwards and Beaver Creek.

Melissa’s favorite memory from dating is when Michael gave her and her girlfriend a 2-day horseback riding trip for her birthday, knowing Melissa’s love for horses.  I thought Lake Creek would be a perfect spot, and within 2 minutes of getting there, a beautiful horse came over for a visit! Love that when that happens!

We got the polaroid camera out, and Melissa showed us how she works the camera!

Given where their story started, it seemed fitting to include a couple Crossfit poses into the session. This one is called the Fireman Carry.

Melissa, dang girl!

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  1. stephanie says:

    what a great session they look amazing!

  2. Michele Anne says:

    What a fun session! You can definitely see how much they enjoy each other’s company! Nicely done. :D

  3. faith says:

    What a fun session and a beautiful location!

  4. Mary Colleen says:

    I am beyond thrilled that my brother and Melissa found each other. This is what true love looks and feels like! These pictures show the connection and are just amazing.

  5. Elizabeth Perry says:

    Great pictures! Congrats!!

  6. Alaina Bos says:

    They are so cute and you did an amazing job with the images! What beautiful scenery!!!

  7. Love! Totally made me smile. :)

  8. Ahhh! I LOVE the one with the hillside behind them! The polaroid shots are super cute too!

  9. Carol Galinelli says:

    I am Melissa’s Mom and I have to say that these are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. You have captured Melissa and Mike’s true love for each other in every picture. I have never seen my beautiful daughter look so happy and in Love. I am so glad that they have chosen you for their photographer. Your pictures are perfection. Thank you for recording their love for one another in a way for all to see! Beautiful!!! Just Beautiful!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, how cute are they?? The last one is definitely my favorite!

  11. These are beautiful. Their dog is amazing. I have a friend that has a Berner named Romeo. The location is perfect. Another great hoot, Kelly!