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Vail Donovan Pavilion Wedding: Ken & Michelle


The beautiful home tucked away into the mountains was calm and peaceful. I heard soft giggles coming from the upstairs, and as I entered the room Michelle was watching the stylist do her mom’s make up – totally relaxed and excited to marry the man of her dreams. The dress was already hanging elegantly from the window, with all of her details and jewelry beautifully displayed on a table.  Michelle is one of the most relaxed and fun, yet organized brides I’ve ever met – and that beautiful balance was the theme of the today.  In other words, the day was seamless.

Ken & Michelle met at her brother’s house-warming party in Denver.  They both noticed each other that night, and Ken knew that he needed to get to know this beautiful girl. Ken is an architect, and designing a home, he had thoughts about the plans and design for his life; and the more he saw of Michelle, the more he knew she needed to be a part of that plan. They spent their time exploring Denver, playing volleyball at Wash Park, traveling to new places, laughing and enjoying time with their friends.  Everything they did together had a new excitement to it. And that excitement and love is felt by anyone that encounters them.  They are honestly some of the sweetest people I have met and man, do they know how to have a good time! Laughter, thoughtfulness, and love filled the air the whole day!

I knew Ken from Jr High and it has been so fun to reconnect and get to know Michelle! I treasured seeing old friends and family I’ve known for years, who joined me in my excitement for Ken & Michelle because they truly are a perfect match. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of such a beautiful celebration!


Wedding Coordinator: Meg Ogden
Hair / Make Up:  Kristen Aja
Dress: Ella Bridal
Bridal Shop:  Bridal Connection in Longmont, CO
Flowers: Clementine’s Divine Design – 720.872.0254
Cake: Ronda Snyder
Officiant: Pastor Nick Bergquist
Ceremony Music: Steven MacCutcheon
DJ:  RYTZ Productions 630.742.6951
Hotel/Transportation: Vail Cascade Resort & Spa



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  1. Jamie Bodo says:

    Beautiful work Kelly!

  2. stephanie says:

    I love the the little note of who did what at the end of the blog!

  3. Kim Wilhite says:

    Looked like a beautiful day!

  4. Those are some seriously fun dancing shots! Lovely wedding :)

  5. These are fantastic!! I am in LOVE with their invitations, and the colors they chose are awesome. And the dancing shots are so fun!

  6. Beautiful series, love the venue wow!! Great work!

  7. Alaina Bos says:

    What a cute wedding and couple!! I LOVE their invitations!

  8. I gotta say first off that I LOVE LOVE LOVE those flowers. I’m falling in love with bridal bouquets, I think. Great shot with them at the hip. Great sits of what looks like a very smooth day.