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Carrie + Tyler’s Edwards Engagement :: Vail Valley Wedding Photographer

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Carrie & Tyler had the perfect romantic hut trip weekend planned. They hiked at a good pace and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors.  About 1/2 mile into the trek they noticed they had taken a wrong turn.  After 2 hours of hiking steep slopes and finding their way back on track – a thick snowstorm set in.  With five miles ahead of them and the sun disappearing behind the ridge…they knew it wouldn’t be wise to continue.  So they made the hard decision to admit defeat and turn back and head to Tyler’s apartment.  Carrie shared, “The reason this was the moment I knew he was “the one” is because what could have been a frustrating, stressful, and disappointing scenario was none of those things and in the end was still a fun and romantic night. We hunkered down, laughed at ourselves, and drank the bottle of wine while relaxing in the hot tub at his apartment.”

When I read Carrie’s words I felt this story encompassed so much about who they are as a couple.  Carrie & Tyler are active, authentic, and easy-going.  They love shopping at farmers’ markets, cooking good food, brewing their own beer, camping, and spending time with each other in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies. Basically my husband, Agustin, has a couple’s crush on them and for good reason! ;)

Tyler knew he wanted to do life with Carrie.  So he planned a hike to a great fishing spot near Durango (Tyler is a fly fishing master!) and told Carrie that he needed to put a heavier fly on her rod.  He said, “If you catch something with this one than I think we might have to keep it.”  Carrie gave him a quizzical look and pulled the line out of the water, to see something sparkle back at her.  It was then Tyler got down on one knee (in the river mind you) and asked Carrie to explore with him through life – hand in hand, eating sushi, camping, cooking and weathering the storms as husband and wife.

Today Carrie & Tyler are planning a backyard Michigan wedding fitting to who they are as a couple, so we know it’ll be a blast!  I loved spending a relaxed Sunday afternoon on a perfect fall day in the mountains with these two and am honored to have the privilege to share in their wedding day this upcoming summer.



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