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Jason + Camille’s Nordic Heritage Museum Wedding :: Seattle Wedding Photographer


Camille always had the travel bug. Growing up, she aspired to be like Indiana Jones, so when rescuing artifacts from lost worlds didn’t seem like a feasible option, she did the next closest thing and she studied history and traveled the world.  Camille traveled far and wide, absorbing all that she could while seeking a life of adventure and purpose.  A couple of years ago, her journey took her to Eumseong, Korea, where she taught social studies at a Christian school.

It was in Eumseong, Korea where Jason and Camille’s paths crossed.  Jason and Camille were both new foreign teachers in the Social Studies department – so their day-to-day lives were set up side by side.  As they got to know each other while discussing lesson plans and exploring a new city together, their friendship grew into something beautiful.  Over time their friendship blossomed into a relationship, and only three weeks into making the switch from friends to dating – they both knew they had found their life partner.

Camille loves Disney movies( and anything with Russell Crow), is a fantastic artist, and loves loving people.  Jason is patient, passionate about music, watches cooking shows, and loves to learn.  One of my favorite details of their story…is that Jason use to never smile in photos.  So during their engagement session, as they told me the story and we looked through photos from their time in Korea, halfway through their was a dramatic change.  The first half of his time there, Jason was always serious in photos..and in the 2nd half of the year he flashed a radiant bright smile in every picture!  Jason looked down at the photo where he was smiling brightly back at us and said…this was when I met Camille.  The life and energy that Camille brings out of Jason is contagious.

I have known Camille since my freshman year at Wheaton College and we have been great friends ever since.    Camille is so sweet and one of the most loyal friends I know –  and Jason really is the perfect fit.

On a crisp Fall day in Seattle, Camille and Jason shared laughs, tears, and their promises while being surrounded by their closest family and friends.  With their love for learning, it was only fitting for the celebration to be held at Nordic Heritage Museum.  Their wedding was a real blend of cultures, families, and sweet memories.   Camille & Jason –  it was an honor to document your wedding day and to witness your love firsthand.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day!


Camille designed and made the invitations herself! Serious talent!


Camille, you are simply stunning.

Camille took Jason’s breath away for the 2nd time that day.

There was not a dry eye in room when Jason and Camille washed each other’s feet as their first act together as husband and wife.

Camille, her mom, and the bridesmaids created all the centerpieces and floral arrangements at the reception! Talk about amazing talent!

Camille and Jason participated in a beautiful Korean wedding tradition.

One tradition was their family throw dates, while they hold a sheet trying to catch them and the number they catch in total represents the number of children they will have. I think the number added up to 42! I love learning about wedding traditions from different cultures!



Hair and make up: Seattle Bridal Hair – Katie Schneider (
Bride’s Dress designer: Melissa Sweet
Bridal Shop: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Jewelry: Earrings & bracelet – Macy’s :   Hair pin – Antique selected by Camille
Bridesmaids’ brooches: Antiques selected by Camille
Floral/Centerpieces: Camille + family designed and created them!
Paper Goods: Camille designed the invitations!
Photography: Kelly Lemon Photography – Special thank you to my 2nd shooter/assistant Lisa Adams!



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  1. Beautiful wedding photos!

  2. Beautifully photographed! I love weddings that honor their family traditions! :)

  3. What a gorgeous wedding and you captured their love elegantly. The colors were beautiful and the venue is just magnificent. Great work as ALWAYS Kelly. I love following your talent.

  4. such a beautiful wedding! and you did a great job capturing it, kelly!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful work, Kelly. Love the dress photo in front of the stained glass. Lovely.

  6. Haha! Love the photo of the bridal party in the sunglasses – so fun! Beautiful work overall. Their florals were gorgeous!

  7. Nancy says:

    Dear Kelly – Once again you have documented a momentous event in our family in such a beautiful, tender way. Once everything has been put away, consumed, and tossed out, it’s these pictures that remain to take us back to the moments of joy, sadness, worship, panic, elation, hilarity. By showing the story this way, you are helping us ‘put up stones’ to remember how the Lord was there on that day. Blessings to you, dear, from such a grateful heart! xoxo