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Carolina + Dan’s Lake Creek Engagement Session :: Vail Valley Wedding Photographer

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It all started with a photo bomb.   Carolina was at the local bar Liquid Lounge with her girlfriends in the beautiful ski town Breckenridge, Colorado.  The girls all leaned in for their cute girls’ photo and then this guy jumped in!  The perfect photobomb.   Dan asked Carolina if he could see her photo and then asked for her number so she could “send him the photo”, and after Carolina’s girlfriends’ obvious sign language over Dan’s shoulder that they all approved – she obliged and gave him her number.   Dan began calling and texting to learn more about this beautiful girl from Brazil.  Dan took Carolina out on their first date and they talked, laughed and had a great time.   As the date was coming to an end, Carolina realized that even though she had a great time, she didn’t want to date anyone right then – so Dan pulled up to her house and put the car in park, and within 2 seconds Carolina  had jumped out of the car and ran into the house!  Carolina contemplated calling Dan to explain, and before she had the chance to dial his number –  Dan, logically confused, called to see if she was okay and why she ran home.   She gave a sweet excuse and the conversation continued…and so began the start of many more phone calls, texts, dates and seven years later Dan + Carolina in front of their family and friends will tie the knot!  I am thrilled to have met Carolina and Dan, and cannot wait to celebrate with them this summer.

We decided to get together on a brisk Fall morning back in Colorado.  It was breathtaking.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our time together!


Dan had Carolina laughing from the very beginning of the session! Love their playfulness! carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-11carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-12carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-13

Carolina – gorgeous!! Seriously! carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-14carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-17carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-18carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-19carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-20carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-21carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-23carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-25carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-26carolina_dan_blog_kellylemonphotography-30

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  1. Arica says:

    Great shoot! Love the genuine smiles you were able to capture!

  2. Jade Mutter says:

    What an adorable couple! They look so in love. Love all the real emotion you captured – really nice job.

  3. Kevin says:

    Great images. Looks like the couple had a great time working with you.

  4. love how you get the chemistry of this lovely couple! :)

  5. Jamie Bodo says:

    I love the lighting here! The leave being thrown in the air is my fave! Beautiful work :)