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A note to myself : to extend a bit of grace


The day started with the water in my shower turning ice-cold.  If it were yesterday – I’d stomp out of the shower shivering and grumpy, but today is a new day with a new perspective.  Today I thought, “Wow – that woke me up! Now I don’t have to get through an 8 ounce cup of coffee to give me that boost of energy!”  See – the thing is – yesterday was hard.  Errands and tasks took way longer then they should have, I wasn’t as organized with my time, and I just couldn’t get the blog post up that was on my to-do list.  So I ended the day feeling completely deflated.

This year I wanted to challenge myself.  To blog, post, and write more consistently.  We have now come into March (how is this year going by so fast?) and yesterday while I was in my weird funk I started thinking, “I have already failed my goal and I’m only 3 months in!” or “It’s Tuesday and I wanted to put up that blog post, but the perfect time for the best SEO is at 8:00am and it’s already noon! I might as well not even post it.”   But that negativity and criticism gets us no where. Yes – blogging is my weakness, but I have an exciting project to share and it’s worth the attempt…it’s worth the risk of failing.  When I blog, I nitpick at the photos and rewrite the words til they seem just about perfect – which means…the posts are fewer because let’s face it – I’m not a perfect writer.   But as I prepare this new series – A Life Modified – there won’t be room for perfection.  It will be raw, there might be a typo, or a not-so-aesthetically-pleasing i-phone video to demonstrate how I put my hair in a pony-tail with one hand …but it will be real.   So today, I was reminded to extend a bit of grace…to myself.


So today is a new day. I have a bounce in my step and an excitement to accomplish my tasks for the day!  I even created a funky outfit by using a summery strapless dress from Target and paired it with my black leggings and black double-breasted coat from Express and there ya go!  I  tried taking this self-portrait a couple of times, and in that moment said – it doesn’t have to be perfect… it is just has to be the best that I can do in that moment.  That will be the ongoing reminder throughout this journey of sharing more of me, my struggles, my insecurities, and the process of modifying life to its crazy dips and turns.  day65-selfportrait-1


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  1. Arica says:

    I really like your perspective on life. This is great. Also, the quote about grace is just what I needed today.

  2. This is beautifully written. SUCH a good reminder! Thanks for sharing sweet friend!! I’m so looking forward to your new project.

  3. Larianne says:

    Good for you! Love the positive attitude :)