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Maggie + PJ’s 4 Eagle Ranch Wedding :: Vail Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon


PJ couldn’t keep his eyes off Maggie that first night they met.  She was so bright and full of joy.  After being introduced, they talked the rest of the night.  PJ knew he had to see Maggie again.  So it didn’t take long for PJ to stop by Maggie’s work and ask her on their first date… the first of many.   Their relationship went through high and low seasons over the years,  but it was not until PJ was thrown a curveball out of left field that things became clear.  PJ was diagnosed with a tumor in his neck.  Maggie knew at that moment when they received the devastating news, that she didn’t want anyone other than PJ by her side for this adventure called life.  So their relationship endured the stressful, and what seemed like, unending doctors visitors;  and with a new appreciate for life, their love, and God’s faithfulness – they can now celebrate PJ is tumor free – and they will forever be by each other’s side.

PJ + Maggie have such big and caring hearts.  They are a dynamite team.  PJ is studying at medical school to be a doctor and Maggie works with the Vail Valley Foundation, a local non-profit, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear they were taking a trip to serve together in Kenya.  While on their trip, Maggie decided she wanted to take a step in her faith in God and get baptized.  The local Kenyan family they were staying with had welcomed PJ and Maggie into their lives, and were thrilled to hold a baptism ceremony for them.  They invited family and friends, and the Kenyan pastor then asked PJ and Maggie to stand in front of their new community.  And just as they were waiting to hear questions regarding Maggie’s faith, to their utter shock, the pastor began leading them through marriage vows!! (After living in Ghana last year, I could truly envision this taking place, and laughed out loud when I heard the story! )  But all joking and awkward moments aside,  PJ knew he wanted to exchange those vows with no one else but Maggie and had planned to propose the very next day.  So in front of their new Kenyan family – PJ asked Maggie to be his wife…for real this time and she said yes!

Brooke, of The Perfect Pair Weddings & Events, and the amazing team at 4 Eagle Ranch ensured that Maggie + PJ’s wedding was relaxed and nothing short of incredible!  I knew after their engagement session on the Oregon Coast, their wedding day would be one I would never forget!  The forecast looked gloomy, but that did not dampen their spirits.  The rain held off at all the right times!  When we came in for the reception, the skies parted and the flood gates opened.  Then during the toasts, multiple guests started whispering and pointing outside.  I looked over and was shocked at what I saw.  The sun came out….and there was the most outstanding double rainbow I have ever seen! Knowing I could not interrupt the toasts but praying they would notice the rainbow before it went away, I was thrilled when the toast finished Maggie stood up and said, “We will be right back! There is an amazing rainbow outside!” I love this girl! ha! Just one of the many magical moments that day!

Maggie + PJ – it has been such a joy and honor to share in this journey with you! Thank you for modeling what it means to love and serve others so well and for welcoming me into your beautiful community of friends and family! I wish you all the best and look forward to future adventures exploring together in the Northwest!


The Amazing Team of Vendors:

Wedding Planner: Brooke Pettersen – The Perfect Pair Weddings & Events

Venue: 4 Eagle Ranch

Ceremony Musicians: Steven + Michael MacCutcheon

Officiant: Pastor Tommy Schneider

Photography: Kelly Lemon Photography – Second Shooting: EmilyAnne Hardy

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  1. Absolutely stunning wedding! I love her dress!!!

  2. melissa says:

    gorgeous wedding photos!

  3. Chantal says:

    Why a beautiful wedding! Your eye for details is incredible. I am absolutely in love with the photo with them around the fire! Stunning!

  4. Nick Rose says:

    These are simply stunning!!