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Lindsay + Rob’s Grand Hyatt Pinnacle Club Wedding :: Denver Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon


Rob + Lindsay have a story fit for a fairytale book!  Rob + Lindsay grew up going to Cheley Summer Camp in Estes Park, CO every year.  (As you may remember from their adorable summer camp engagement session!)  Over the years, Rob befriended Lindsay’s older brother, Daniel, they were two peas in a pod…but Lindsay had always caught his eye.  So Lindsay + Rob began writing letters since the boys and girls were on separate part of the camp property and that was when their love story began.   Daniel, Lindsay’s older protective brother, + Rob were planning and scheming how they could become brothers.  It was then that Daniel came up with the perfect plan.  “Well you could marry my little sister! Then we could be true brothers!”   So Rob, as the handsome 13-year-old boy he was, “proposed” to Lindsay – not knowing that he would be asking for her hand in marriage a decade later.

So on a beautiful late summer day – Rob + Lindsay’s childhood dream came true.  Their wedding at the Pinnacle Club in Downtown Denver was nothing short of amazing. Lindsay is one of the most organized, yet relaxed brides I have ever met – and that was the overall feeling of the day, a seamless celebration! Plus – knowing Lindsay, the new co-owner of an adorable fashion forward online boutique – Patterns & Pops (be sure to follow them on instagram!) I knew Lindsay would have a unique, fashionable, magazine worthy wedding gown and she left me speechless!

Rob + Lindsay. What can I say? I love you two!! I have loved getting to know you two over the year and gaining two wonderful friends! What better day to reflect on your gorgeous wedding – then Lindsay’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Lindsay!! Thank you for inviting me to share in such an incredible story and making me feel like part of the family!  I wish you both the best and have a fabulous birthday!


Venue: Grand Hyatt Pinnacle Club

Florist: Floretta – Loretta Kaczmarek

Photography: Kelly Lemon Photography – shout out to Kaitlin Colston for being a great second shooter!


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  1. lori says:

    Gorgeous!! You are an amazing Denver wedding photographer!