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Ask ANYTHING :: A Life Modified No. 4


For today’s episode of A Life Modified we get a bit more personal.  Learning and adapting to life after a traumatic accident is not only physical, but mental and emotional.   As I have been walking through this journey in sharing a bit of my story, its important for me to address that so many of my hurdles and areas of growth were matters of the heart and perspective.   So to start this honest dialogue,  I decided to open it up and start the “Ask Anything” series – where I take time to answer some of the questions regarding disabilities and my personal journey.   If you want to catch up a bit on my story about the car accident that resulted in paralyzing my right arm and the #alifemodified journey you can click here or sort blog posts via the A Life Modified Category.   I love that so many of you have joined me in this discussion and sent in questions, and please continue to do so!  If you have a question, you can leave them below in the comments or by emailing me at   So today it’s just me, no fancy “modified tricks” (more will come soon ;) just me, sharing a piece of my heart.

The three questions I received from readers that I address today are:

1) What do you miss the most from being able to use two arms? Or what do you wish you could do?

2) How have your scars and injury impacted your body image?

3) How do you deal with answering the same question (“What happened to your arm?”) multiple times a day, 14 years in a row?

Special thanks and shout out to Cheryl Ford with Cheryl Ford Photography for creating this great video! Thank you Cheryl!

Ask Anything : A Life Modified from Kelly Lemon on Vimeo.

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  1. Christina says:

    fantastic as usual. Hoping we get to see some of that salsa dancing!

  2. Brenda Nelson says:

    Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing your heart.