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Vail Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon :: Elizabeth + Phrank’s Donovan Pavilion Winter Glam Wedding!


Elizabeth + Phrank’s winter glam wedding was a dream come true!  No.  Seriously.  Elizabeth + Phrank’s story starts back in high school – and I must say.. the phrase “hard to get” seems quite appropriate :) As you may recall from the engagement session post,  Phrank + Elizabeth’s versions of the story varies depending on who is telling it.   Even though Elizabeth does not recall their very first meeting, Phrank sure does.  Phrank saw Elizabeth and thought,  ”Wow. What a beaut. Too bad I don’t stand a chance with her.”  Elizabeth does recall bumping into him at high school + Young Life functions since they attended rival high schools.  Elizabeth + Phrank attended the same college but were never quite on the same page.  It wasn’t until Elizabeth walked into a summer class her last year of college… only to see Phrank, and say, “Hey, aren’t you that Young Life guy?!” and grabbed a seat next to him.  Throughout the year they spent time getting to know each other, but whenever Phrank hinted at his feelings for her, Elizabeth was sure to make it clear that she was not interested.  After almost a year of being best friends, Phrank finally decided he would just got out on a limb and ask her out on a date.  Even though Elizabeth was reluctant, she replied, “Sure. But nothing serious okay?”

And here we are :)  If you know Elizabeth – you know that winter is her, BY FAR, favorite time of year! She LOVES the snow! As we were preparing for the big day, she just told me that all she wants for her wedding day is to get married in Vail, a perfect winter wonderland, with snow everywhere. She even planned on wearing snowboots under her dress to ensure we could get all the “snowy” photos she was dreaming of!  Just two weeks before the big day, I called my mom ( who also lives in Vail )and she informed me that all the snow had melted and she could see the grass out in our backyard.  I began praying..praying for lots and lots of snow! And that prayer came true! The week of the wedding Colorado was hit with a HUGE snowstorm, bringing feet and feet of light fluffy snow, so once again Vail was glistening.

The morning of the big day, Elizabeth and I texted about the gorgeous blue sky, the perfect start to an even more perfect day :)  For Elizabeth + Phrank – the day had a deeper meaning.   Their faith plays a large part in their relationship, and I love when couples integrate the values and beliefs that make them who they are into their wedding day.

Elizabeth + Phrank – you did it! You pulled it off! This wedding SERIOUSLY is straight out of a magazine! I was swooning the WHOLE DAY! From the gorgeous gold sparkly bridesmaid dresses, to Elizabeth’s STUNNING bouquet (it might be my favorite bouquet this year, Tristan!),  to Donovan Pavilion – being the perfect setting for the mountain winter glam bash! Plus, not to mention a pretty darn handsome couple! But the element that made this wedding so special…was the people.  The love and support that this couple had around them, to cry, laugh and celebrate as they step into this new adventure together.. was beautiful.

Elizabeth + Phrank. Thank YOU. Seriously.  I LOVE that I have gained two incredible friends in this journey and truly feel what an honor it was to have witnessed the vows, exchanging of rings and the start of a new chapter in your love story!   It is not every day that you have a couple, TWO DAYS, before their wedding day decide they want to spend their precious time, driving to the airport to pick up their wedding photographer and welcome her with a big hug!! I can’t tell you what that meant to me and I love that our time together does not stop now that the wedding is over – but once again.. I have two amazing clients that have become real friends.

I honestly could have posted these photos without any words attached because the heart and love is so evident.  I hope these photos bring you so much joy as you relive such a day that I know we all will never forget!


This view from Cascade Resort…breath taking. Elizabeth’s dream came true.


I LOVE these precious moments with Elizabeth and her father – the first time he saw her on her wedding day. Another reason I love my job is because I get to witness moments like this.kellylemonphotography_vail_wedding_photographer_winterwedding-17kellylemonphotography_vail_wedding_photographer_winterwedding-18kellylemonphotography_vail_wedding_photographer_winterwedding-19kellylemonphotography_vail_wedding_photographer_winterwedding-20kellylemonphotography_vail_wedding_photographer_winterwedding-21

THIS First Look will be my example of why I share with my couples the reasons why I love this time of the day! The joy and emotion that you have the freedom to express during a first look is priceless.






The perfect ending to Elizabeth + Phrank’s dream wedding? No need for sparklers when you have beautiful snow falling from the sky to end such an amazing day!



Elizabeth hand picked a ROCKSTAR team of vendors:

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Donovan Pavilion 

Dress + earrings: The Bridal Collection

Bride’s Fur + bangles: Her stylish grandmother

Hair piece: Ever Faith

Bridesmaids’ Fur Scarves: Nordstrom

Rings: Trice Jewelers

Groom + Groomsmen Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Hair/Makeup: Catherine Pirzadeh (bridesmaid)

Wedding Coordinator: Katie Towe

Florist (Bride’s Bouquet): Tristin Johnson from The Orchid Princess 

Photography: Kelly Lemon Photography – fabulous second shooter Bianca McCarty

Videography: Rachel Swearingen and Alex Ruiz

Paper Goods: Elyse Schreiber (bridesmaid) #freehandcollective

Cake Artist: Zuzu’s Bakeshop

Chocolate mousse and Truffles: Father of the groom, Munir, and good friend Bernie :)

Caterer: Moe’s BBQ

Beer + Wine: New Belgium BreweryWilbur’s Liquor  (Both are out of Fort Collins which is where they both grew up)

Rentals: BBJ Linen , Smarty Had A Party

DJ: Chuck Woodford.  303-489-1480 –


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