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websitelaunch1 WOW!  I cannot believe this day is finally here!! After a long week of prep and many emails and phone calls, the incredible Jeffrey Shipley, J. Shipley Creative and Tonic Site Shop, worked his magic and brought it all together and the time has come to celebrate! My new brand has launched and the WEBSITE IS LIVE!! EEEKKK!!! Yay!!!

Where do I even begin? What an amazing feeling it is to finally be able to share my new site and blog with clients and friends.  For the first time, I have a website and brand that is a true reflection of me! But before I get ahead of myself, I want to be sure I thank the incredible designer and friend behind this rebrand.

Mr. Jeffrey Shipley.  WOW!  What a wild process and journey this has been! Even with both of lives and travel schedules being a bit crazy at times – WE DID IT! Jeffrey, you have a gift! Seriously! When I first moved to Seattle, a year and half ago, I heard about this amazing graphic designer who lived downtown Seattle and after seeing your work I thought, “Man, it would be a dream to work with Jeffrey Shipley!”  I am so excited to say that my dream came true and now I have a GORGEOUS WEBSITE to prove it!  Your excitement, vision, and patience was the perfect combination.  You took my ideas and brought them to life and made them look even better then what I could have even imagined!! Thank you. I am so excited that throughout this discovery process I gained a friend.

Agustin: Thank you for your continual support. For looking over logo proofs and portfolio photos, and helping me make this brand everything I wanted it to be and more!  Thank you for your patience! And thank you for always being my #1 fan and encourager! :-)

Well, I will be excited to dive into the rebranding process with you next week, but for now let’s ENJOY the GORGEOUS NEW BLOG AND WEBSITE!!  There are so many fun elements to the site like my LOVES, my Travel Log Map (one of my favorite features!), and soo much more!! Please – take a look around!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.27.28 AM 

So what better way to CELEBRATE the launch of the new KLP brand then with a couple fun giveaways including a $100 gift card to West Elm, $100 gift card to Anthropologie, and lastly a gift card to REI!!! And one of those prizes will be in the #klprebrandgiveway TODAY!!  One of my ALL time favorite stores is WEST ELM!  I basically walk in and want to buy the whole store!  Be sure to ENTER and the winner will be announced next week!! 

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  1. Kelly james says:

    I really enjoyed viewing all of your creative engagement and wedding posed pictures. They look so natural and comfortable with themselves. Each moment was captured with timeless elegance and crisp details. What a talent you have!!!

  2. Elizabeth Mallal says:

    I love the part about “My Loves” and the path of how to get to that detail of the website! I love that you treasure your husband so much and I can feel that in the way you describe him and your relationship…and of course I LOVE TOBY!!! I am so happy, and not surprised at all, to see he had his own little display! Overall the website is amazing! Congrats!

  3. Emilyanne says:


    The new site is beautiful and I feel your work shines through my computer screen! Excellent platform to showcase your style and art and I am so happy for you!

    All my best!

  4. Devon says:

    Congratulations! Your site looks stunning!! Wonderful work Kelly <3

  5. Beth Vanden Heuvel says:

    Great website Kelly, congrats on the new step :)

  6. Heather says:

    I love the work you do. I’m so glad to know you! You do awesome work and I LOVE the new site! Good luck :)

  7. Your new site is so pretty! I’m in love with it. :)

  8. Lauren Rader says:

    I love it! When my dream comes try you will be there. Thank you!

  9. AnnMarie says:

    i love the photo of the couple kissing while standing on the canoes!!!!

  10. Tonie says:

    SO SO thrilled for you and proud of you! CONGRATS!

  11. Katie Myrick says:

    Swoonworthy website!! Congrats on your launch!

  12. Cassie says:

    Great website design!

  13. Sally says:

    I ADORE your new website! You did a great job!

  14. Jackie says:

    So pretty, Kelly! Great work!

  15. Adrienne says:

    Great Website!! Love the submission form for new clients. very clever!

  16. Hannah M says:

    What a beautiful new site! Congratulations!

  17. Oh my goodness!!! Your new site is so gorgeous! Congratulations on the launch!

  18. Michelle says:

    Love the text overlays on you beautiful images!

  19. Katie says:

    Congrats Kelly – the new site looks amazing and really captures your style and skills. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  20. Jordan Smith says:

    congrats! It’s Gorg!

  21. Kate says:

    Oh Kelly! It’s so beautiful! Congrats on your stunning new site! Love the typography and the colors, it’s all so elegant and effortless!

  22. Salena says:

    What a beautiful display of your work! I love that your about me isn’t only a picture of you, but something you love!

  23. Allison Tanui says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! You capure amazing moments!

  24. Gladys says:

    Congrats Kelly!! I am so happy for you! I love how the neutral background really makes the colors in your pictures POP! Many more blessings in the future!!

  25. Christy says:

    Gorgeous website!

  26. Mary Claire says:

    Kel! So great and so YOU! I love it!!!

  27. Melissa says:

    Love all the work you have done for us! Your new site is amazing!! Hope we can work together in the future!

  28. Breanna says:

    I absolutely love your work!! IT so beautiful, light and free!
    Congratulations on the new site!!!

  29. Molly says:

    Love your new website and so thrilled with everything you’ve been doing! Hope to catch up with you soon :)

  30. Cameron Lowe says:

    Love the new design! So fresh!

  31. Jackie O. says:

    Kelly, your website is gorgeous! I love the “My Loves” page. Helped me get to know you just a bit better. :D mmm. chocolate chip cookies!

  32. Abigail says:

    Beautiful site! The photos are gorgeous and I love the entire layout. I love how easy everything is to read and navigate! :-)

  33. the layout is amazing, amazing but what takes the cake is the imagery! Absolutely fantastic :) Well done!!!

  34. Daniel says:

    looks amazing!

  35. Daniel says:

    so happy for you

  36. Love this so much!!!!!!

  37. btw….camel colored leather IS where its at. that’s my jam!

  38. Janet Intini says:

    you have done it again, engaging the heart and mind in beauty

  39. Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful. So inspiring!! I’m so looking forward to seeing more of your work. <3

  40. Montana Z. says:

    Your website is gorgeous! I absolutely love all your work! Your capture amazing photos!

  41. Jackie Jones says:

    I love the new site, Kelly!! My fave is definitely the About page! It is amazing! I think it is that much sweeter knowing a little bit of your history after hearing you speak at Made to Create! Great job and congrats!

  42. Betsy Curlin says:

    Wonderful job on the new site Kelly!! Makes me want to hire you to come to the farm :)

  43. Hannah says:

    Love the site!! Beautiful. You are right……hiking, adventuring, and photography are where it’s at! And goat cheese ;)

  44. Karina says:

    YAY!!! The new site is lovely!! Map is so fun! xoxo

  45. Maria says:

    Beautiful work Kelly! Really exciting stuff and really showcases you :) Let’s hang out again soon!

  46. Doug Butler says:

    Kelly, I can’t wait to read more and see more pictures from my favorite photographer and blogger. Keep the adventures coming!

  47. Jamie Musgrove says:

    Love the new site!!! It’s very elegant and I especially love that you put chocolate chip cookies as one of the things you love :). That is very much a family trait ;) and makes it quite personable!

  48. Makena says:

    Love the new site Kelly! Everything looks beautiful!

  49. Amanda Creasman says:

    I love the new site!!!

  50. Emma says:

    your website rocks! Love it

  51. Carrie says:

    Wow! Gorgeous website!!!

  52. Kelsey says:

    Beautiful new site! I love the fonts you used!