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Seattle Engagement Photographer Kelly Lemon :: Mylan + Dimitri’s Engagement Adventure Session at the Gorge

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I guess you could say, Mylan + Dimitri’s story started out as a summer romance.   Mylan + Dimitri attended University of Washington and met the first week of their freshman year.   They were a part of the same group of friends, but it was not until that following summer that their friendship turned into something more.  And now 10 years later, they are hand in hand, about to embark on this next chapter of their relationship.

As Mylan began to describe Dimitri she shared a bit about his adventurous spirit. “In college, he was always trying to get people on the floor rallied up to do something – to just hang out, to go explore Seattle at all times of day or night,  getting people out of their comfort zones, or playing pranks on our fellow dorm-mates or RA’s….It’s funny because I don’t think that aspect of him has changed – he is always trying to bring people together and to create fun experiences and stories to tell.”   After learning more about Mylan & Dimitri’s travels and adventures over the years, it was no surprise that they wanted to have their engagement session be more than just the typical session, but rather an adventurous experience.  (YAY! cue the confetti!!)

So that is what it was. A true adventure.   Mylan & Dimitri were long distance between Spokane and Seattle for years, and Mylan shared that she would get so excited when she passed the Gorge, because she knew she had reached the halfway point and was almost there to see Dimitri!  So what better place than The Gorge for their session.  So we decided to make a day trip out of it! Agustin, Dimitri, Mylan and I (plus each of our pups Toby and Chunky) piled into my car and headed out to the Cave B Wineries at The Gorge.  We spent the afternoon wine tasting, hiking with the dogs to scout out locations, and as the sun began to set, we started our adventure shoot.  It was truly EPIC! Mylan & Dimitri have this beautiful connection, plus Mylan’s flowy skirts and beautiful billowy black dress, with the gorge canyon as their backdrop…are you kidding?  AMAZING.  Pinch me now.  Here are a few favorites from our adventure shoot at The Gorge!

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