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Kirkland Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon :: Shandy + Jeff’s Snohomish River Engagement Session

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Shandy + Jeff are the type of laid back, fun couple that everyone hopes to have in their friend group.  They met in the Summer of 2012 when Shandy worked as a travel nurse.  One morning, Shandy came into work and learned the ICU was overstaffed and that she would be floated to the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) for her shift.  When she walked in, she couldn’t help but notice the tall and handsome PCU nurse awaiting for his assignment.    That summer, when Shandy met someone the likelihood of seeing them again as a travel nurse was slim to none, so after they were given their assignments and the two went their separate ways she assumed she would probably never see that handsome stranger again.   Unbeknownst to Shandy, she shared mutual friends with that handsome PCU nurse and five months later were formally introduced at a party.  Jeff and Shandy developed a friendship over the following months, but as Jeff says, “It wasn’t until the Memorial Day camping trip when I spotted Shandy gutting a fish that I finally admitted to myself that she was the one for me.”

Shandy + Jeff spend many summer nights in waders, fishing along the river – so when they suggested going fishing for their engagement session  – I could not think of a better setting for these two.  Plus I get really excited when my clients take full advantage of their engagement sessions and turn them into an adventure that truly reflects them as a couple.

We started the session in the quaint downtown of Monroe and then sure enough, they put on their waders, got out their fishing poles and watched the sunset by the Snohomish River.  Shandy + Jeff – I had a blast out on the river with you guys and I cannot wait to celebrate at your wedding in August!


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  1. Shandy's Mom says:

    When I saw the pictures for the first time I felt emotion…as the pictures unfolded, I found my eyes tearing up…and the more pictures I looked at, the more my eyes filled with such happy tears. It got to a point where I could not see anything anymore because tears were streaming down my face and my eyes were welled up FULL. The picture I was on was the fly…with the engagement ring on it. Everything was telling a story…and I was following the story through your pictures as if I was there. The pictures leading up to that picture of the fly and ring and the pictures after that picture of the fly and ring…well, my romantic heart filled in that spot as the fly and ring sat there looking at me…and I’m only half way done with the pictures and I can’t see through the tears of my joy! You captured the essence of my daughter and Jeff’s life at this point…and the love, the happiness, the fairytale! The poses were as if they were not posing…very natural. Loved what I’ve seen so far! I can imagine I better try to find that other box of tissues because I know I’m going to need them when you post the next round! Your pictures captured my Princess and her Prince just as I see them in my heart. To love and be loved Is the pinnacle of happiness and riches and these pictures show that exactly.
    THANK YOU Kelly! Meredith Davis Vlachos

    • Kelly says:

      Mrs. Vlachos, THANK YOU so much for your sweet and encouraging words!! It makes me SOO happy to hear that these images brought you so much joy! That right there is exactly why I do what I do.. I hope to bring people joy by capturing and documenting those they love and by sharing their story through my artistic lens! I look forward to meeting you at the wedding in August! Thank you again!