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Real Stories

I love that my passion and my job allows me to celebrate love – the raw and the real.  Today I get to kick off a new series called “REAL STORIES” – and the first few posts will be celebrating MY LOVE STORY!!  The past FOUR years of marriage and TEN years of knowing my amazing husband have been quite the adventure to say the least! But how it all started …in a salsa dancing bar in Quito, Ecuador in 2005 is a CRAZY story and I can’t wait to share it!!

But today I simply want to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AGUSTIN!!

Agustin, each year I grow deeper in love with you as I learn more about the man God created you to be. Thank you for adventuring with me, cooking dinner with me, for saving my half full glasses of orange juice that I promise I will finish later, loving our little teddy bear of a dog Toby so well, for learning to braid my hair while we lived in Ghana, for encouraging me in my dreams and for making me laugh. Thank you for forgiving me and showing me grace, for being gentle, for encouraging me to be the woman God created me to be, and for loving me in ways that I never knew I needed. Thank you for loving God and inspiring me to love God and His people in new and refreshing ways. I love that every day I get to say…I married my best friend. I love you.


I hope you will tune in next Friday for the first post in this new series as I share about the night that I first met Agustin!

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