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Seattle Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon :: An Industrial-chic Within Sodo Wedding Kimly + Ben


The day started out just right.  When I knocked on the door of the Four Seasons suite that overlooked the Ferris Wheel in downtown Seattle, I immediately heard laughter from behind the door.  I walked in to find a relaxed and smiling bride with three of her best girlfriends.  This is how every wedding day should begin.  This relaxed and high-spirited vibe lasted all through the day! Ben + Kimly are one of those couples that brighten a room!

Their wedding celebration took place at Within Sodo in Seattle.  This urban industrial-chic space was the perfect backdrop for their city wedding.  And when you combined the industrial backdrop with the elegant and soft neutral tones of their color palette, styled by the talented Sarah of EVENTful Moments, this wedding was fit for a magazine. And let’s not forget, everyone has been swooning, not only over Kimly’s stunning wedding gown, but also for her bridesmaids’ blush sparkly full-length gowns that made every girl there wish they would have chosen those dresses for their own weddings!   Clapping and cheers erupted in Within Sodo’s urban rooftop garden as Kimly + Ben shared their first kiss as husband and wife in front of their close family and friends!

Kimly + Ben, thank you.  Thank you so much for inviting me to come celebrate with you and treating me like family.  When you came out to give ME such an intentional and thoughtful gift on YOUR wedding night, it was such a clear picture of the type of couple you are.  You have been so easy-going, thoughtful and kind throughout this whole process and I have truly enjoyed your friendship! I hope your honeymoon was a trip you’ll never forget and that you are easing into this beautiful journey of marriage!! Congrats and I hope you enjoy (as much as I did!) reliving a glimpse of such an incredible day!

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seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-3seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-9seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-10seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-6_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-14seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-21Kimly + Ben chose to do their first look in Post Alley downtown Seattle. This part of the day is always a favorite! seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-19_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-15seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-16seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-17_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-24seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-25seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-26seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-30
seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-32seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-33This crew had “Blue Steel” down.  (Zoolander, anyone?)
seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-36seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-38seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-39seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-43seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-45seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-54seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-56seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-57seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-60_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-62seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-63seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-65_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-64seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-67_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-69

Sarah and the team at Within Sodo… you guys knocked it out the park!! It looked absolutely gorgeous!!

seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-50seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-41seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-52_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-42seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-75Ben’s choice for his groom’s cake – Twinkies! Yup. It was amazing.
seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-47_web

Kimly + Ben stole a few moments alone together as husband and wife before the party kicked off.

seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-70seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-71_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-73seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimlyandben_blog-3_webseattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-74seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-79seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-80seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-81seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-82seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-83seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-84

One of my favorites from the Photo Booth!

seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-85seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-86seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-87seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-88seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-90seattle_wedding_photographer_within sodo_kimandben_blog-89

The AMAZING TEAM OF VENDORS of that made this wedding day possible!

Venue: Within Sodo

Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Swanson // EVENTful Moments

Photographer + PHOTO BOOTH: Kelly // Kelly Lemon Photography – Special Thanks to second shooter Rikki Rivera!

Florals: Tiffany Cole // Flowers by Tiffany 

Caterer + Desserts: Bon Appetit

DJ:  The Sound Factory

Officiant: Severin Walsh

Makeup Artist: Flawless Beauty Bar

Bride’s Dress: The Dress Theory

Dress Designer: Love Marley

Bridesmaids Dresses: Adrianna Papell from Nordstroms

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

Rentals: Pedersen’s Rentals


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  1. Shaunae says:

    These images are stunning! I especially love the one of the Bride and Groom running! Great work!! :)

  2. SUCH a beautiful wedding and gorgeous photography! I’m a Portland, OR native so I always love to see a North West wedding!