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The FIRST KLP Community Get Together!! KLP Couples past and present unite for a great night!


Let me tell you about one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my year :)

We laughed, ate really yummy food, and shared wedding/proposal/newlywed stories and my heart-felt so full.  It sounds corny…but it’s true…I really love my clients.  They are kind, easy-going, thoughtful, and love to laugh!  I looked around the table and was overwhelmed with gratitude.  We had brides and grooms from all different stages – some that have been married a couple of years and are expecting (yay!), others that just got married this past summer, and one couple that’s getting married next year!

The idea came about when I was planning my last weekend trip out to Colorado for this 2015 season for Adam + Katie’s wedding. Normally my trips are mostly spent in Vail, my hometown in the mountains, for weddings/photo shoots or to see family, but this time I was staying in Denver for the whole weekend.  I was arriving Thursday and had the night free before a busy weekend and thought of how much I’d enjoy just hanging out with my #KLP_couples because they aren’t just clients…they are my friends.  And I started thinking more about the idea and thought…”wow.. I actually think they should really meet each other, they have a lot of connections!” But I knew that thursday was only 3 days away…so I wasn’t sure if anyone would be available, but it doesn’t hurt to try!  So I jumped on my KLP Brides Facebook group and threw out the idea! Within MINUTES, 5 couples confirmed, and we found a restaurant and a time and it was set!  I was shocked how easy it was!

And let me just say it again, that my couples are amazing.  When they found out I was coming in town for the weekend, 3 COUPLES offered me their car to use for the weekend and each of them additionally said, “And if you need a place to stay, we have a guest room with your name on it!”   What?! I was amazed by their  generosity, just another reminder.. yup..these are some amazing people and I love that I know them!

And for me, this is what it is all about.  I truly love people and I love to love people.  I love knowing their story and I love that my job is to tell that story through photographs. The relationships I have developed over the years are ones I truly cherish.  I want to cheer them on in their marriage and encourage them in their path of being the couple that celebrates not just 1 anniversary but 50 more!

So the first #KLP_Community Get Together was a great success!  Even though these couples started out as strangers, it immediately felt like we were all apart of a warm and welcoming community!  Great stories were told and hilarious wedding memories were shared.  At the end of the night, I loved watching two of my couples that got married this past year ( Liz + Phrank and Adrienne + Scott), sharing advice, their perspectives on their beautiful first look experiences, and tips with Brittany + Zach as they prepare for their upcoming wedding next Fall!  I definitely missed the couples that couldn’t make it, but don’t worry future get-togethers are already in the works!  A BIG Thank you to my #KLPColoradoCouples for coming out and helping me start the #KLP_community!!  Seattle Couples – you’re up next!


After the community night, each couple went through and looked through the wedding photos of the other! So I thought I’d just share them below for a fun reminder!

Brittany + Todd – Engagement Session        Adrienne + Scott – Married in June 2015

Courtney + Jake – married May 2015        Liz + Phrank – married Feb. 2015        Katie + Chris – married August 2013


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