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Sanders Estate Wedding:Candice + Blake Seattle Wedding Photographer Kelly Lemon


Candice + Blake’s Wedding day was a PNW dream come true. Plus, this Sanders Estate wedding belongs in a magazine! It was warm, breezy and a day full of love, with beautiful details and one heck of a celebration – that they even added an hour so the party could keep going!  Candice + Blake shared their hearts and their commitment while they were surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the love of their close family and friends then sealed those vows with a kiss!! Such a beautiful day!  Some highlights for me: Blake’s face during their First look – the joy and admiration in his eyes was so beautiful to witness! I loved seeing the importance of family. The love that is shared between these two families was a thread that I could feel woven within the details of their day.  And dang, the vendor team pulled off a seamless and beautiful day! (check out the fabulous team at the end of this post!)  Now you guys gotta see this beautiful wedding!  The details, the venue, the florals, and of course the love! :)

**Candice + Blake, it was such a joy to celebrate alongside you and capture your love story!!

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I love the symbolism with planting a tree during the wedding ceremony. Agustin + I also planted a tree at our wedding and we brought soil from Ecuador and soil from Colorado – symbolizing our pasts that are being woven together to grow a new life together!

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Blue Ribbon killed it with Candice’s bouquet!!kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-55kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-54 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-53 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-56 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-57 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-58 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-59kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-60 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-62_candice+blake_blog kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-64_candice+blake_blogkellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-66 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-67 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-69 kellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-72_candice+blake_blogkellylemonphotography_candice+blake_blog-71

Candice, you have the most beautiful laugh!!  You are truly radiant!

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Blake’s Grandma was tearing it up on the dance floor! I love it!

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The Fabulous Vendor Team for this Sanders Estate Wedding:

Venue: Sanders Estate

Florals/Catering: Blue Ribbon Cooking

Hair/Makeup: Jordynn Jacobowitz

Bridal Gown Shop: Samila’s Boutique

Groom’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Event Coordinator: Roxanne Kurosky

Cake: Meagan Zoerb

DJ/MC: Sounds Unlimited

Photography : Kelly Lemon Photography

Shout out to my great Second shoot Alban Mora!

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