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Best Outfits to Wear For An Engagement Session


Kelly Lemon Photography

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing what to wear to your engagement shoot. I like to tell couples, it’s not what you think you’re “supposed” to wear, but something you feel comfortable in, something that makes you feel like you. Here I’ll be letting you in on a few of my secrets for the best outfits to wear for an engagement session.

Kelly Lemon Photography


It’s important that the two of you look great together, so make choices that make sense with each other, instead of clothes that are the same. You want to be choosing colors and patterns that play off each other, while not overpowering one or the other. You also want to be sure the levels of formality pair well – If the bride will be wearing a long semi-formal dress, be sure that the groom isn’t too casual. The main thing is that the outfits should complement each other, just like you and your fiance. 


Again, you want to be COMFORTABLE. Being able to move freely for your shoot is so important. You’ll come across much more relaxed, happy and poised if your clothes fit properly. Being able to walk, dance, etc, will make it easier to capture truly candid shots of you and your fiance.  So for my brides – that means I recommend bringing at least one pair of shoes that are easy to run/walk – instead of wearing heels or wedges for both outfits. It’s also important to consider the season. Try and opt for thicker fabrics, longer sleeves, and maybe a scarf to accessorize for winter, and light and flowy outfits for summer sessions.


I love including a pattern in the color palette to mix it up, but be sure when you are choosing your outfit – to avoid patterns that are too busy. When a pattern is too busy – it draws the eye to the outfit rather than your faces and can be distracting.  For patterns that are checkered – I recommend trying to find ones where the checks are a bit larger. Very small checkered patterns can take your eyes away from the main focus – you!

I also usually recommend avoiding t-shirts with big logos or lots of text. Unless it’s for something that is a part of your story that you want to include in your session, such as a sports team.


Of course, this isn’t a necessity, but I absolutely love it when my couples bring a wardrobe change to their engagement shoot! It allows us to change up the style and tone of the session part way through, creating a well rounded and more exciting finished product. It’s so much fun to start with a more casual look – jeans, scarves, tee shirts, and then change into something with a little more dramatic flair later on!

However you and your partner choose to style yourselves for your shoot, the main thing is to just dress like you. There’s nothing worse than showing up for your engagement shoot in an outfit that you’re not comfortable in, so choose accordingly, and remember to coordinate! 

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