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The Value of an Heirloom Wedding Album


Confession time…

We never designed our own wedding album, let alone an heirloom wedding album. I know… it’s horrible!!!! As someone who values printing photos and heirlooms, over the past 9 years so much has changed! With moving overseas, then to Seattle, to relocating my business, to having a baby…I never found the time.  So when couples tell me that they have had their Heirloom Wedding Album on their “to-do” list for years…I believe them!! 

So honestly, if you said you were going to design your own wedding album and 3 years have gone by… lets get it done!

My mom made a quick and easy wedding book from my wedding as a gift for my grandparents and sent me a copy. It was never meant to be our album because she knew this book wouldn’t last.  I kept saying I would set the time aside and design my own, and it just never happened! SO now I only have the thin low quality book that I don’t display and this is not the way I want to honor our story. 

heirloom wedding album kelly lemon photography sale
You can see more of Jamie + Chris’ heirloom album here

So I am publicly sharing a goal

Within the next year I will design and order my own KISS Books Wedding Album so that I can have the level of quality that I give to my couples.

WE all deserve this high quality, heirloom wedding album to pass down to generations and because we know the quick and fast albums don’t last. As I shared online last week

 For my wedding almost 9 years ago, I designed a quick, cheap, and easy album for our guestbook. I made sure it was full of snapshots from our 7 years of knowing each other.Fast forward to the day of our wedding and my guest photo “album” was laid out for everyone to sign. Soon into our reception I learned that our guest book fell apart!  The poorly glued in pages fell apart AT our wedding!!Now 9 years later, there are a LOT of companies that offer albums. I was curious to see how they have improved so I did some research. The most common album companies that people are drawn to GLUE the pages in instead of properly binding them! 

heirloom wedding album kelly lemon photography sale
heirloom wedding album kelly lemon photography sale
Look at the center binding and how it is COMPLETELY detached!
heirloom wedding album kelly lemon photography sale
KISS books vs our place holder album

What is an Heirloom Wedding Album?

Now I have been working with KISS Books since 2014! Over the last 6 years, they have shown their commitment to quality, their life-time guarantee, and incredible service in providing an heirloom wedding album!

Once I found KISS books I knew they blew the competition out of the water. I knew I found a company that I would be proud to show my clients and that is what I want for an heirloom designed to last a lifetime!  

Let’s check off this big item off your to-do list and ensure you have a beautiful heirloom to enjoy in your home, to flip through every anniversary, and pass on to your family!   

The Annual album sale kicks off TODAY JULY 1ST and goes through July 15th! 

Get your deposit for your album by July 15th to lock in the Sale price!! Click here to get started!

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