Meaghan + Stephen’s Idaho Elopement

Jul 28

Meaghan + Stephen have navigated the Covid ringer with such grace! After planning not one, not TWO, but THREE weddings they shifted their mindset and saw the beauty in doing an Idaho elopement by bringing the focus back to what it’s all about. As Meg said so eloquently the morning after her elopement…

“On the night Stephen proposed he said, ‘Meg, even when things don’t go as planned, we will always figure it out together!’ We didn’t know how much that was true at the time. There were times when I thought this day would never come. We smiled in your face, you big ‘ole bully 2020. We were resilient and persevered in spite of your fury. While it was not the big bash we had originally envisioned, it was a thoughtful, intimate family gathering and it was the perfect day I never knew I needed. It was almost as if it was meant to be all along. I married my best friend, my teammate. Because you know what 2020? Love wins. Love always wins.”

Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement

I love stories and I love sharing stories. I truly believe I can document a couple and their love in a more complete and authentic way, if I have the opportunity to truly get to know the couple and their love story. Before each wedding I give my couples a questionnaire asking a variety of questions!

Idaho Elopement

What was your first impression of your fiance?

(Bride’s response) Super handsome – I mean…have you seen him? Beautiful blue eyes, nice smile, and a solid Midwestern guy. I knew from the start we had very similar beliefs, morals, and valued of families. He was a winner from the beginning.

(Groom’s response) I was intimidated because I thought Meg wasn’t in to me. Whereas, I found out later she was just hungover. I thought she was very pretty!

Idaho Elopement

What is your favorite memory when you first started dating?

(Bride) It’s hard to pick just one. I would have to say our first date at Bacon, Eggs, and Kegs. But, we had some other really awesome dates early on…a Kentucky Derby party at Re:Public which started with a jazz brunch and watching horse races at Emerald Downs, dancing at a gay club in Capital Hill and eating pizza, Sounders games, and attending our first concert together – The Wild Feathers. We love live music!

(Groom) Our first date because we had such a good time and we got to know each other so well. It was kind of a marathon date. I also loved The Wild Feathers concert at the Tractor Tavern. We both got to share in each other’s interests. I love live music and Meg introduced me to a new band. It has become one of our favorites.

Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement

How did he/she propose? What was his/her reaction?

When we were first dating, Stephen used to tease Meg that she would ‘Tuesday’ him. This meant that she only would give him Sunday – Tuesday night dates, instead of prime time Friday and Saturday night dates. After Stephen decided that he was going to propose, he was determined to do it on a Tuesday.

So, on a random Tuesday in October, he popped the question! Meg was running late from work, which stressed Stephen out! Since we had 7pm dinner reservations at Canlis, Stephen’s proposal was speedy! He took Meg to Kerry Park and said some beautiful words and asked Meg to be his wife. Just in case he forgot to say everything he meant to, he had a hand written card in the glove box of car. After that, he whisked Meg off to Canlis for a delicious dinner and evening of celebrations!

Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement

Tell me three things about your fiance…

Three things I love about Stephen: 1) He values family. 2) He is incredibly loyal. 3) He is always cool, calm, and collected. He keeps a level head.

Three things I love about Meg: 1) She is Well-liked/likeable 2) She is goofy. 3) She is the driver/leader in our relationship.

Idaho Elopement
Idaho Elopement
Sunset Elopement

What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

We’re just a couple of basic bitches.. Hahah! Just kidding. As a couple, we are a great balance! Stephen and I are very similar in a lot of
ways (eg. family-oriented, morales/values, spiritual, love adventure and travel). However, Meg is outgoing and pulls Stephen goofy side out
of him and helps him shine. She is a leader in the relationship and helps them continue to grow closer together as a couple. Meg often lets
her heart and emotions guide her decision-making. Stephen is very practical in his decision-making. Things are often black or white…never
any grey-area. Stephen is cerebral and not as emotional as Meg.

Stephen is level-headed, calm, and collected, which helps to balance
Meg’s anxious tendencies. Stephen tends to be a bit of an introvert until you get to know him…he has a silly-side. Stephen makes funny faces, does hilarious impressions, and has some pretty epic dance moves!

Idaho Sunset

And the day was truly magical! Just when we thought this Idaho elopement could not be more beautiful we went out for sunset photos and while we were out on the dock. This gentleman approached us with this beautiful sailboat behind him.

Idaho Beach

He said, ” Would you like to take some wedding photos on the boat?” The owner of this property has his private sailboat here for the evening and you are welcome to take some photos on it if you’d like”. The perfect magical ending that we could not have even planned if we had tried!

The day was made even sweeter by such an amazing vendor team that brought this Idaho elopement to life:

Planning/Styling:  Mandy with New Creation Weddings 


Venue : Coeur D’Alene Resort

Music: Robbie Christmas

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