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Giving back to Frontline Nurses


It is Giving Tuesday! This is such an important day to give back, but even MORE so after all that has happened in 2020. I have been specifically called to encourage our frontline nurses! In the spirit of giving, I started a Care Package Drive.

This December you can sponsor a care package and we’ll take care of everything! A frontline nurse caring for patients battling COVID-19 will get a surprise package in the mail to lift their spirits during this difficult time.

I’m partnering with Evergreen Custom Gifting and I’m so excited to be working with BreeAnn! She is so passionate about giving back and coming alongside me in this project. All of her products are locally sourced from small businesses as well! Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Evergreen Custom Gifting specializes in creating luxurious custom gifts for weddings, corporate celebrations, and milestone events! 

A couple weeks ago I decided to send a couple care packages to the frontline nurses and healthcare workers in my life. I asked for nominations from my IG community. After reading each nomination and the sacrifices these nurses are making, I realized each of them deserved some extra love and encouragement this year and thats how this project was born!

I have heard the inside scoop of the experience in the hospitals this year because my brother-in-law Shane is a PA on the covid floor. He has seen the horror and sadness firsthand. We also saw the sacrifices he and my sister Jamie, like so many frontline Healthcare workers, made this year.

Due to exposure to COVID patients, they felt it wasn’t wise to visit or meet Juliana until things calmed down. Sadly they did not get to meet Juls until she was 7 months old and Jamie was almost 8 months pregnant! These two milestones – Juliana and Jamie’s pregnancy were both seasons we had prayed and waited for many years. It was so hard but we knew safety was the top priority until we had a better understanding of how we could see each other safely, given Shane’s job.  We are so thankful we could visit this month during a time when he had days off and less exposure. We have loved our time here with them and new nephew Andrew!

After spending this past week with them, I have seen Shane’s day to day experience.  Shane’s hospital group has seen a record number of patients and is seeing their highest COVID numbers yet. He revealed that a lot of hospital staff are out sick with COVID or actively being tested, which has been especially taxing on the nurses who bear the brunt of COVID patient exposures. I asked Shane more about what the nurses and staff are experiencing and he said that on top of what they normally do; they are carrying the stress of being continually exposed to an infectious disease that could harm them. They often have to be a liaison between families and patients since they can’t have visitors. He thinks this stress, week after week, is even more intense when it often feels as if there is no end in sight. So a gift to bring a smile and encouragement can go a long way! One of nurses already received a surprise gift and wrote this sweet message:

“After another crazy shift in the ER, I came home to a card written from a total stranger thanking me for my work. Before I could even finish it, I was in tears. I went into healthcare to help people but have felt so beaten down lately. I’ve lost patients, had to hold the phone so loved ones can say goodbye over zoom and held more lonely hands than ever in my 10 year career. After 8 months of fear and chaos I was starting to feel like healthcare workers were forgotten about and it broke my heart. But this card and gift from some guy named Tim lifted my spirits more than he will ever understand. Thank you so much for putting together such an incredibly thoughtful gesture, it’s these little things that keep me going!”

We’d love to continue this spirit of giving and bless as many healthcare workers as we can! They are are comforting our loved ones and trying to nurse them back to health.  Join us in sponsoring a care package! 

To sponsor a care package, its $40 (and that covers the gifts and shipping). We will include a heartfelt card but you are welcome to send one as well!  Email me to sponsor a package today. The deadline is December 14th! You can also nominate a frontline nurse in your life!

Message us for details via email: You can find Evergreen Creative on insta here!

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