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Will + Rachel’s Fall Engagement Shoot


Will and Rachel were a blast to work with! They postponed their wedding from this fall to fall 2021. They kept such a positive attitude throughout the entire process. Their engagement shoot was basically a Justin Bieber dance party filled with laughter, REAL connection and conversations.

The weather forecast originally called for rain but they weren’t worried at all! We ended up having sunshine and the perfect fall weather. It is such a privilege to work with couples that radiate such an authentic love for one another. Will grew up loving water and being on boats! One of their favorite things to do after every hike that has a lake at the end of it is to jump in! Rachel decided that it would be an amazing idea to keep that tradition even for their engagement shoot. Will LOVED that idea of course!

After we wrapped up the shoot we went back to our cars only for them to realize that they had locked their keys inside of it! They still had an amazing attitude about the whole thing and drove down with me to get their spare set. I really cherished this extra time together as it allowed us to continue getting to know each other and create such a great connection.

Below is their love story! To better understand each couple, I send them a questionnaire with a variety of questions that they each answer. I hope you enjoy it as much I did.

fall engagement shoot PNW lake trees

Q: How did you two meet?

A: Bride’s Response: Officially introduced at a Day of Caring volunteering event where we were remove blackberry bush near Lake Sammamish.

laughing couple fall engagement shoot maroon sweater brown skirt lake reflecting mountains

Q: What was your first impression of your fiance?

A: Groom’s Response: I was the youngest person at work until Rachel came along (one year younger), so was a little sad to lose that title. But I remember seeing her photo in the work backlog and thought “she looks my age!” which was exciting because everyone else we worked with was much older.

Bride’s Response: I was happy to see someone my own age! And he seemed normal too! I was excited to have a potential work friend on the team. I was
surprised too as I knew his takeaway from us meeting was that he was upset since he no longer was the youngest member of the team. No
more excuses :)

couple hugging mountains reflecting in lake fall engagement shoot outfit
fall engagement shoot blonde woman sticking her tongue out mountains reflecting in lake

Q: When did you know that they were the “one”?

A: Bride’s Response: Pretty early on in dating. It was something so different than I’d felt with anyone else. I understood that butterfly feelings can last a very long time. I remember not telling many of my friends and family about him because I was nervous they would think I’m crazy for liking him so
much early on.

Groom’s Response: We were friends for a year as she was dating someone else so I buried any romantic feelings. Then I think I waited about one day before asking if she wanted to see a movie and I knew when she let me pay or the movie ticket it was a date (I wasn’t sure when we were crossing
the friend zone). I was ecstatic from that point on, but I knew she was the one after she showed she could ski – particularly ski rabbit run.

couple laughing maroon sweater fall background
fall engagement shoot maroon sweater trees in background
couple kissing black and white photo fall background trees and lake

Q: What is your favorite memory when you first started dating?

A: Groom’s Response: This is difficult – the first NERDs outing when we snuck away in an Uber to getting lost in the corn maze but I would probably say the country concert – Rachel doesn’t like country but knew I did – can’t believe she invited me!

Bride’s Response: There’s so many funny stories from us dating early on, mostly stemming from Will not giving me any context on where we were going or what we were doing. I can think of hilarious ones involving meeting his family for the first time or one epic date paragliding where I almost fell off a mountain.

couple kissing and laughing maroon sweater
couple holding hands, brown skirt legs lake and forest in the background
couple walking together in forest wooden bridge

Q: Tell me three things about your fiance?

A: Bride’s Response: He’s incredibly patient, can’t multitask at all, brilliant and oops this is four but he has the funniest dance moves.

Groom’s Response: Smart, goofy, caring

couple walking into forest mountains in the background forest greenery
black and white photo ferns couple laughing
couple kissing mountains in the background
couple dancing and laughing fall engagement outfits lake with trees reflecting
couple laughing with drinks and lake in background
couple laughing with drinks

Q: What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

A: Bride’s Response: As you have probably read many of these, I’m going to venture to assume that we are not as unique as we all would like to think BUT I think we are aligned so well on how we want to spend time, which is a great gift lending to spend more and more time together. Whether it’s skiing all day, hours of tennis, reading/relaxing, we are always on the same page.

Groom’s Response: We both have common sense.

couple walking by lake water reflecting trees
couple walking by lake maroon sweater brown skirt trees
couple kissing by lake trees reflecting in lake
couple kissing by lake fall engagement outfits ankle boots maroon sweater
fall engagement shoot outfits lake trees
fall engagement shoot outfits lake with trees
couple popping champagne lake and mountains in the background
couple kissing fall engagement shoot outfits lake in the background
couple kissing toasting champagne glasses

Q: Tell me some other faves! What do you like to do together?

A: Groom’s Response: Masonry. Kabul. Cafe Lago is all you need to know. I love to be active and outdoors – swim, ski, any racquet sport, soccer, wakeboard I love games. Love to read the global section of the news to have perspective on what’s happening on the other side of the world.

Bride’s Response:

Favorite sports are volleyball and tennis, love skiing, I love watching TV (consume a lot, current favorites are Insecure, Schitt’s Creek &
Succession). Favorite restaurants include Masonry (italian), Monsoon (vietnamese), and Cafe Lago :)

couple having fun piggyback ride lake in background
couple having piggyback lake in background
couple hugging lake and forest in background
couple having fun throwing rocks in lake
couple skipping rocks in lake
couple standing in front of lake and mountains
couple running into lake with clothes on
couple laughing in lake with clothes on
couple kissing in lake
couple laughing in lake and kissing
couple wet in lake and kissing
couple holding each other with towels on

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  1. Charlotte Guyman says:

    So love this!!

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  3. John Salverson says:

    A great introduction to a wonderful day soon approaching.

  4. Julianne Salverson says:

    Love reading your responses, Rachel and Will! I especially love that Rachel’s answers were usually a small paragraph, and Will’s were a sentence!🤣🤣🤣

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