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Glamorous City Elopement with Ashley + Aaron


pink wedding shoes with feathers and wedding rings

So, you have decided to celebrate your love with an elopement! Woohoo! BUT you are not someone who dreams of scaling a mountain or driving into the middle of the desert. Your adventure elopement is colored with bright city lights, intimate evening cocktails, and hidden restaurant gems. This is exactly the vibe my couple was going for during this glamorous city elopement! Aaron and Ashley wanted their experience to feel intimate and special. The day was perfect as they were joined by their closest family and friends.

Their ceremony was on the rooftop of the Seattle Four Seasons overlooking the city skyline and the Puget Sound. It was truly magical. We then explored downtown Seattle for sunset portraits. This glamorous city elopement was the perfect combinations of urban chic and PNW charm. We finished the evening with an intimate candlelit dinner with twinkle lights floor to ceiling, overlooking the Seattle Skyline.

Connection Matters

Ashley and Aaron welcomed me in as a part of the crew from the first moments I shared with them. Having the opportunity to connect with my couples before the day of their event is something I truly cherish. This connection also relieves any nerves or awkwardness that one might feel on their special day!

Witnessing the incredible bond that Ashley shares with her mother and sister was my favorite part! Having a small ceremony allows the bride and groom to feel more present in each moment. This always shows in the final images!! Ashley’s kids were such a beautiful addition to her ceremony! They diligently and joyfully prepared to watch their mom marry her very best friend. 

I hope you enjoy this wonderful love story! Having the privilege to document these precious moments in time is something that I will never take for granted. Where would your dream elopement be? Are you a city person or more comfortable in nature? Let me know in the comments!

fancy pink high heels with feathers and wedding rings
groom buttoning the ring bearer's shirt black and white photo
black and white photo of glamorous bride laughing with her mom and sister
photo collage with bride and wedding shoes with jewelry
bride on her knees holding her daughters hands
black and white photo of groom adjusting cuff links
bride and groom holding hands with a city view outside
wedding dress hanging in front of window with water views and ferris wheel in the background
bridal bouquet with fresh white roses and dark greenery
blush pink wedding shoes with jewelry placed next to it
blush pink bridal shoes with wedding rings sitting on the table
bride smiling and getting ready with her mom and sister
vertical photo collage with florals holding the wedding rings and the brides dress hanging in the window
close up portrait of the bride putting her earrings on
close up portrait of the brunette bride smiling softly
close up portrait of the groom
the brides children running into her arms for a picture
the bride and groom standing on a balcony in the city
the bride and groom seeing each other for the first look on the balcony in the city
bride and groom holding hands on balcony with views in the background of the water and city
portrait of the bride and groom standing side by side and looking away from each other
bride and groom walking in the city with masks on due to covid
laughing bride and groom walking in downtown Seattle with a random guy holding a large fluffy brown poodle in his arms
bride and groom kissing with the city in the background and cherry blossoms
bride and groom with cherry blossoms framing the picture
bride and groom touching foreheads with cherry blossoms framing the picture
bride reading her vows with the wedding party behind her wearing medical masks because of covid
bride smiling at the alter with the city in the background
groom reading his vows
bride and groom kissing at the alter
bride and groom holding hands at the alter above their head
bride and groom walking across crosswalk holding hands and the groom is wearing sunglasses
bride and groom kissing in stairwell
groom walking down stairs in a tuxedo with black sunglasses on
bride and groom kissing on a balcony with Seattle city in the background
bride looking out over city balcony
bride and groom standing outside of the hotel with the city road behind them
black and white photo of bride and groom laughing walking
bride and groom smiling
bride and groom walking down unique stairs
black and white photo of couple walking down stairs from the back
black and white overhead photo of couple kissing
perspective shot of couple far away with modern architecture
wedding reception with white flowers and gold plates
wedding reception with hanging lights
group photo of bridesmaids with bride

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My superpower is putting people at ease; whether that's behind the camera or on their elopement day solving problems calmly under pressure. I am passionate about building relationships with the people I work with. 


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