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How to Elope in Washington State



It goes without saying that the PNW has landscapes that are unforgettable! There are many options when choosing your elopement backdrop. While I love all states in the PNW, I’m in LOVE with Washington State and have lived in Seattle for almost ten years. This post will go over the following details to consider when eloping in Washington State:

  • What time of year
  • Hiring your dream team
  • Fun activities to plan on your elopement adventure
  • Where to get your Washington State marriage license

Choose Your Season


Spring weather in Washington state is a bit of a wild card! Starting in March you can expect lots of rain as temperatures start to warm up to 55 – 65 degrees. Moody, rainy elopements can still be gorgeous as long as you’re okay getting a little messy!


Summer in the PNW is iconic. Clear blue skies and much-needed sunshine can be expected from June through August. Mountain views and unforgettable sunsets. This is my favorite time for elopements in the PNW.

Fall / Winter

The fall is stunning in the PNW. Enjoy bright orange/red leaves and golden hour *moments* during the months of September through October. However, once it becomes winter in Washington it starts to rain…a lot! If you’re looking for a winter wonderland elopement you can expect snowy conditions in the mountains from December through February. If you’re looking for a cozy AirBnb stay, check out my friend and fellow photographer Tonie Christine’s ADORABLE cabin getaway, here.

Hire Your Dream Team

When it comes to planning your elopement, hiring a team that supports your vision is key! Elopement photographers often work with the same vendors over and over, so don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for recommendations. Working with a team of service providers that are professional, fun, and great at their job will make your day ten times better. Below are my favorite elopement vendors!


Where to Elope in Washington State: Choose your location

There are so many options when eloping in Washington state. Below are my favorite places to start:

  • Mount Rainier
  • Mount Baker (view a recent elopement gallery here)
  • North Cascades
  • Cannon Beach

Read more about my favorite locations, tips, and elopement ideas in my blog post “Where to Elope in Washington State” here.

Fun Activities for your Elopement:

I love when my couples incorporate their favorite activities into their actual elopement photos. Don’t let the fun stop after your elopement day. I always encourage my couples to make a trip out of their elopement experience and plan fun activities like sailing, horseback riding, skiing, and more!

Did you know that Washington State is known for unusual Airbnb cabins? There are tiny ones, massive ones, treehouse cabins, and super fancy cabins. I like them so much that I wrote an entire post on them! You can read more about my five favorite winter getaways here.

Get your Marriage License

Last but not least, your marriage license! These are different in every state. Be sure to do your research when choosing your elopement location. If we end up working together on crafting your dream elopement we will plan these details together! For more information on Washington State marriage license details, click here.

Being an elopement photographer is a dream come true! I love connecting with couples who are authentically in love and excited about the outdoors. The funky dreamers and adventure obsessed. Are you ready to create an elopement experience of a lifetime? Let’s connect ASAP!

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