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San Juan Island Elopement


In the enchanting backdrop of San Juan Island, Zoe and Connor embarked on a heartfelt elopement that was as intimate as it was unforgettable. Their journey was filled with intentional moments, deep connections, and the freedom to celebrate love in their own unique way. Join us as we delve into the tips, emotions, and cherished memories of Zoe and Connor’s extraordinary elopement day.

bride and groom walk along rocks near the ocean

Tips for San Juan Island Elopements

#1 Plan Ahead: Make ferry reservations in advance to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience to San Juan Island. This will help avoid any last-minute complications and secure your preferred dates and times.

#2 Consider Seasonality: Take into account the seasonal variations on San Juan Island when planning your elopement. Summers offer pleasant weather and vibrant landscapes, while spring and fall bring a more tranquil ambiance. Winter can be a quieter time, but weather conditions may require additional preparation.

#3 Budget Wisely: Create a realistic budget that aligns with your vision for the elopement. Consider the costs of transportation, accommodations, ceremony venues, photography (and all vendors travel), and any additional activities or amenities you desire. Prioritize what matters most to you and allocate your budget accordingly.

Following Their Hearts— A Unique Approach

What set Zoe and Connor’s elopement apart was their commitment to follow their hearts and create a celebration that truly resonated with their vision. They prioritized moments of connection, both alone and with their loved ones, allowing for a balance between intimacy and celebration. Breaking away from traditional norms, they curated a weekend experience that was meaningful and deeply personal.

The Sacredness of a Private Ceremony

Choosing to have a completely private elopement ceremony, Zoe and Connor embraced the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the sacredness of their vows. With no distractions, they were able to authentically express their love and commitment, creating a profoundly intimate and cherished moment. The freedom to be present with each other during this milestone was a gift that filled their hearts with gratitude.

Celebrating Love with Loved Ones

While their ceremony remained private, Zoe and Connor didn’t miss out on the joy of celebrating their love with their closest friends and family. Surrounded by a small group of loved ones on the island, they shared in the emotions and excitement of their special day. The presence and support of their families added an extra layer of love and warmth, making the experience even more unforgettable.

Gratitude for Memories at San Juan Island Elopement

Zoe eloquently expressed how her heart melted throughout the weekend, overwhelmed by the love that surrounded her and Connor. The shared moments, conversations, and connections created lasting memories that they will cherish forever. Their families’ willingness to venture to their favorite place by land, air, and sea showcased the depth of their support and made the entire experience even more profound.

Zoe and Connor’s San Juan Island elopement was a testament to the power of love, authenticity, and following one’s heart. Their journey was filled with intentional choices, heartfelt moments, and cherished connections. By embracing a unique combination of private ceremony and celebratory time with loved ones, they curated an experience that was deeply personal and meaningful. Their elopement serves as an inspiration for couples seeking to create their own extraordinary celebration of love.

If you’re considering a San Juan Island elopement, remember to heed the tips on ferry reservations, seasonality, and budgeting. Let the beauty and serenity of this island be the canvas for your own love story. Celebrate the joy, connection, and endless love that awaits you on San Juan Island.

invitation suite with ribbon
wax imprint
wedding dress hangs on door outside of house
handkerchief and note held out by hands
women surround bride helping her put on dress
men surround groom helping him finish all the details
bride and groom stand nose to nose smiling at each other
bride and groom stand amongst the trees holding hands
close on bouquet with ferns and flowers
bride and groom walk across rocky beach holding hands
bride and groom share private vows under a floral alter
groom smiles at bride during ceremony on orcas island
bride holds grooms arm and laughs
bride and groom walk through forest while bride holds clear umbrella and wears a backpack
bride and groom walk through forest hand in hand
bride and groom hold hands and walk on hiking trail through forest
charcuterie board on blanket
bride and groom sit on a blanket under a tree with ocean behind them
bride and groom sit on a blanket oceanside under a tree
bride and groom walk along rocks near the ocean
bride shows off hiking boots underneath her wedding dress
bride and groom walk up sidewalk celebrating
cake on cake table with candles on either side
bride and groom hold up glasses in a toast
bride smiles at groom as they slow dance
bride and groom kiss during slow dance
bride smiles as she dances with guests
bride and groom crouch on ground as they dance with guests
bride dances with guests
bride and groom dance together with their guests
san juan island elopement

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