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Dolomites Elopement: a Multi-Day Dream


dolomites elopement

Getting an inquiry for an Italy elopement, especially a Dolomites elopement, is maybe number one on every photographers dream list. After I did Jordan and Julian’s engagement photos I was so honored to be asked to shoot their wedding in Italy. Can’t wait to share some of the photos from this magical Italian elopement.

Falling in Love with an Idyllic Destination

Imagine the moment Jordan laid eyes on a picture-perfect small town in Italy in a picture when she was younger. It was love at first sight. Inspired by the sheer beauty and charm of this alluring valley surrounding Val di Funes, she knew she’d found the perfect setting for their dream wedding. The desire to create something deeply meaningful and personal drove them to pursue their elopement in Italy.

A Journey of Excitement and Thoughtful Elopement Planning

Jordan, a self-proclaimed travel planning enthusiast, embraced the exhilarating task of orchestrating their elopement abroad. With only their closest family members by their side, the couple meticulously researched and explored various options. Their goal was to find the ideal spot that would capture their hearts while providing a convenient location for their intimate ceremony. After the ceremony, they had dinner at Sigmundskron Castle in Bolzano.

Simplifying the Details for a Truly Beautiful Dolomites Elopement

In their pursuit of a simple and heartfelt elopement, Jordan and Julian discovered that even the smallest details required careful consideration. However, their shared vision and unwavering commitment to creating a memorable experience guided them through the decision-making process effortlessly. Recognizing the profound significance of preserving their cherished memories, they made photography their top investment which I’m so grateful for. They used points to pay most of their airplane tickets and expressed how cheap they could find lodging in small towns in Italy.

Surprisingly Affordable and Unforgettable Intimate Wedding

Contrary to popular belief, Jordan loves to share the delightful surprise that their Italian destination wedding was remarkably affordable. Their intimate celebration abroad turned out to be not only cost-effective but also an extraordinary alternative to a traditional wedding back home. By sharing their story, I aim to inspire other couples to explore the possibility of creating unforgettable moments in extraordinary locations, regardless of their budget. You too can have a Dolomites elopement!

A Perfect Day Fulfilled by a Dream for this Dolomites Elopement

On their wedding day, Jordan’s heart swelled with overwhelming joy as she gazed around the beautiful surroundings before walking down the aisle. In that moment, she realized that everything they had dreamed of, all sparked by that single picture, had become a glorious reality. Jordan wholeheartedly recommends destination weddings, particularly in Italy, as a transformative way to begin a lifelong journey of love and happiness.

Jordan and Julian’s story showcases the power of dreams and the magic of love. From the initial spark of inspiration to the thoughtful planning and unforgettable moments, their Italian elopement highlights the profound beauty of embracing unique destinations for intimate weddings. May their heartfelt tale inspire you to follow your dreams and create extraordinary memories as you embark on your own wedding journey.

details on gold couch
groom straightens tie while he looks in mirror
bride's mom does up her dress
groom smiles as bride walks up behind him
bride walks up behind groom during first look
bride and groom kiss
close on white bouquet of flowers
bride and groom walk down cobble stone path holding hands
groom waits at alter for bride
intimate ceremony with dolomites in the background
crowd of people watch dolomites elopement
bride and groom hold hands during ceremony at dolomites
bride and groom hold up their hands and celebrate after ceremony
bride and groom walk through garden holding hands
bride and groom walk with their arms around each other
bride and groom walk together with lush greenery in the background
groom kisses bride on the cheek from behind
bride and groom walk down path together with house in the background
bride and groom hold hands and walk down path together with lush green hills in the back
bride and groom have arms wrapped around each other
bride and groom stand together in front of a castle
brides high heeled shoes
bride and groom walk at twilight up a bath towards a castle
bride holds out veil
bride and groom walk down stairs into their reception
bride and groom sit at long table with guests
wine glass touch across a candle lit table
bride and groom smile while holding wine glasses
bride and groom kiss while sitting at a table next to each other

Of course, we made time to get that stunning day-after adventure session! Take a look!

italy elopement
italy elopement
italy elopement
Italian elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement
Dolomite elopement

If you’re planning your own Italy elopement, or destination wedding, reach out to me to chat!


Flowers: Paola Maly

Video: Alba Renna from Manisol Wedding

Dress brand: Flora Bridal

Dress store: Dress Theory in Seattle

Makeup Team: Studio Como

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